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Sesame-oil to your nose

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One folk treatment for a possible lung disease goes like this: To drip a small drop of sesame-oil into your nosehole!  Is it useful for you to fight against the terrible novel coronavirus?  Is it reasonable if considering in medical science? 
I got the information from the WeChat sent by our vice headmaster. Soon I tested it. The following is my understanding to the positive side if the method really works:
Doctors believe that bacteria and viruses invade human body mainly through the nose or eyes. The nose and lung can produce sticky substance to hold up the enemies as they come up without invitation. The extra sesame-oil is similar to the ‘original weapons’ which can enclose the germ and kill them due to lack of oxygen. 
It is said this therapy had saved many lives in ancient times. 

Dear reader friends, do you have other nice method to deal with the current coronavirus? 

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Reply Report SEARU 2020-2-25 19:54
(About  'which can enclose the germ and kill them':   germs. )  

Now I am trying another useful substance for the prevention of the ‘popular’ disease that is so common in daily life. It is vinegar!

Liquor and vinegar are brothers who are brewed from grains. They are  powerful against bacteria. You may use it  as soap to wash the hands and face. The special strong smell of vinegar can really touch the nerves of your nose. The first may irritate the latter to produce more sticky liquid to deal with germs. The boss of the vinegar workshop told me he had never troubled by cold or fever since his product was nice medicine for protection.

Doctors ask us to frequently wash hands. Why not wash the inside of the nosehole?  You may breath little water even vinegar or liquor into the nose! (Be cautious if you can not swim. It is risky once the water get into the lungs! )  These green materials are bullets to the invisible enemies.  SEARU believes so, how about you?
Reply Report SEARU 2020-2-26 16:28
Another remedy is “red onion”:  When you cut onions into pieces, the eyes can't help tearing because the invisible tiny drops from the special vegetable irritate the eyeballs. At the same time your breathing system is also ‘infected’. The invaders act like ‘vaccine’ which drive the latter to produce more sticky liquid for the challenge. So some folk doctors believe that ‘onion specially the red one’ is useful to strengthen our prevention ability against viruses. :victory:

According to Chinese traditional medicine science, kinds of food chosen from the nature are herbs each one of them plays some role for health. So the truth is that we must try to eat more sorts of food for enough nutrition to deal with the evil micro-enemies.

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