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Three-year might make another story

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Many years ago I learned one truth from an experienced farmer that goes as following: The pork price runs up and down like peak-valley in terms each period usually lasts three years. When the pig market was in peak state, the wise man decided to sell all animals and then have a good rest; when most farmers lost money on breeding, he began to restart the business at low cost for the young pigs from the market. In this way he could earn more money than others.
Just now the CCTV new program told me: The authority of the Agriculture-countryside Department estimates that it will 'three years' for China to fully restore the pig-production- ability!  
Personally I don't think it will cost us so long time to have enough supply of the meat. The reason is simple: The huge extraordinary profit drives more businessmen invest large sum of money on breeding just as what has happened in the real estate industry in past two decades. The pork price will discount by half within one year. At same time I afraid that three years later pigs will become as cheap as cabbage due to overproduction if we ignore the risk on breeding. That is the rule of the natural market. 

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