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To forge one sword

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In China we have such a saying: "It takes ten years to forge one bright sword!”  In the past five years I have devoted all of my free time onto blog-writing that is meaningful to note down my instant thinking on education and other interesting topics!  Now I feel satisfied with my self to see that my threads have become popular more and more with this thread being viewed 6000 times yesterday! I wish you contribute more constructive comments to my posts what can enrich the gold elements of the articles!
So nice to make new friends in forum without yardwall! 
(The gate of my blog-space is always open to the outside world although the early posts go like pupil‘s composition through which English learners can see the bumpy growth road of writing! )

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-4-11 10:58
This note comes from that thread:What is ‘economy’ in Chinese
Reply Report kevinruud 2019-4-11 22:19
I know what you mean, but the meaning of your quotation could have been better translated, because a sword is not for brightness if it is a cutting tool.
Reply Report SEARU 2019-4-12 09:19
I know what you mean, but the meaning of your quotation could have been better translated, because a sword is not for brightness if it is a cutting to ...
Yes, how about 'It takes ten years to make a treasure-sword!' ?

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