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The difference on culture between China and the west

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Chinese and foreigners do thinking job in different ways.  
We have hieroglyphic characters each of them is a vivid picture that can represent ‘one thousand words’! You may post a long article to tell its meaning and related interesting stories! Furthermore calligraphy experts might be able to guess out your mindset and health state when judging through your handwriting which shapes and appearance can tell out more information about the master!  As a tradition, we have been encouraged to speak out the mind through landscape-description in dim words which leave more space for audiences to imagine. Certainly all depend on your comprehension by guessing! ;
Foreigners speak like singing who seem do thinking in a musical way! They easily note down what they are thinking whose brain work more smartly than ours!  Foreign dictionaries contain too much information about their civilization whose writing style is so neat that is worth learning from for fellow chinese!  They describe things with more image elements who can offer you a clear picture about each concept! Once glancing of their text is enough for your an instant understanding! What a magic language English is!  That is why I believe that English is the most powerful in the world! If all Chinese had their working style on thinking, speaking and writing, we would be able to improve productivity on intelligence that would mean a great progress for our culture!

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-22 11:09
Most Chinese youths are now using only emoj for usual communication, so it won't be long for them to foregt everything you said.
Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-22 11:10
but we do not need to worry, because whether they will hae a good life or not it is no more our concern even if we want to.

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  • The story about 溪 sounds complicated 2019-3-23 15:42

    Thanks for your compliment, i would enjoy to be here if the blog platform is reformed and spread some inspiration for us.  however sometimes i use to log on hoping any changes has been done for bloggers but desperately won't able to find any improvement.
    and next:
    For example 已 and 己 is Seems same but meaning is different. likewise there might be many words that could be explored here for the learner's attention. Thanks!

  • The story about 溪 sounds complicated 2019-3-23 10:03

    财神: I wish you could collect some Chinese Characters which seems almost same but the meanings are different.
    So long I haven't 'seen' you!  I feel delighted to meet you here! Thaks for reading and comment. Yesterday I had a talk with my that vice-headmaster who is also a Chinese language teacher. He laughed at me for the ‘strange’ explaining to the character of 江.  He said: " There is a book named 《说文解字》which is more scientific to explain how Chinese characters were invented!” But I think everyone has his or her own Buddhist in the heart. Ienjoy sharing my personal view with blogger friends  on many interesting topics!

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