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A joke with dog

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I Peel off an orange that has about ten parts inside which connect each other like garlic. I notice that one of parts is a bit rot with special color. Instead of throwing away the whole fruit as rubbish, I decide to feed it to the dog. I seperate one part from the ‘group’ and drop it to the ground for a test since the creature has no taste on apple!  To my enjoyment the dog smells on it for a while and swallows it and looks up at me for more. Then I feed the animal with the special food one after other. At last the three remaining parts still ‘united’  together which I drop to the dog for the end of the program!  To my surprise the animal can not recognize it as the same food as before  and refuses to take it!  I leave for minutes. Later the leftover is still there. I have to pick it up and divide it into three parts for the strange ‘customer’!  Till now the dog quickly eat up without any delay like hungry wolf! 

(Don't laugh at the pity animal. Sometimes humans also act in that way. We may easily pick up the coins on the road while ignoring the big banknotes which are not far away from the former! )

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  • Air-conditioner is trouble-maker 2019-7-14 20:57

    For more information, you are welcome to click the following link:
    Air conditioner is not as wonderful as you expected

  • Air-conditioner is trouble-maker 2019-7-13 23:05

    Thanks for your comment which has driven me think a lot!
    In China we call this kind of similar diseases as ‘中风’which means ‘Being hit by wind’! In other words, ‘Tom has been beaten down by chilly wind.’In serious case the patient can not move arm and leg even lost the speaking ability!
    According to traditional Chinese medicinal theory, humans should live in normal condition. Or we might become ill at anytime if we break the routine living habit!
    For an example, that lad Smith in our village jumped into the deep pond for cooling down his sweating body from heavy labor farming work. This jumping became a nightare for him and family: He got a strange illness that cost him a sum of money for treatment. At last he  became half a fool up to now with little words.
    In the medicinal circle doctors often talk about air-condition-disease which means that many people become ill from usage of the modern cooling machine!
    In the freezing factory your bone-joint may easily get into trouble due to instant temperature changing when you enter or come out of the special workshop!
    In hot summer the surface of the road is so hot which temperature reaches 80 centigrade degrees. How do you feel when you step onto the black ground from the car with cooling system? Can you stand up the challenge of the steep temperature change?

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