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Why is it dark under light?

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Darkness is always opposite to brightness! It is hard for the young to fully understand this saying (灯下黑) since it has something to do with ancient life! -------------We all think it is always bright if under electric lamp, so where the darkness is under the light?
But in the old days before electricity was invented by human, people burnt kerosene or even food-oil for lighting at night so under the lamp somewhere was really dark!

When I was little such lamp looked like this:it shapes like a milk-bottle which has iron lid through which a thin cotton-rope absorbing the oil inside from the bottom to the upside end where the flame is burning!  
That was nice light-source for me to do homework at night. Once a time the bean-size-like flame burnt my cap and left it a permanent hole for which my classmates often laughed at me!
When you put the bottle-lamp on the desk with the tiny flame burning in the middle of the lid, it is really dark within the area near the bottom of the bottle although it is just under your nose! (Certainly you have no worry about writing  in the light although it is weak if compared with the modern one!)

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-11-8 04:57
Where there is light there is shadow.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-11-8 04:58
Light can only travel in straight lines.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-11-8 05:04
Does darkness travel in straight like lines? Does darkness travel? If there was no light would there be darkness? Would it matter if you were nocturnal?
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-11-8 05:09
But light scatters in the atmosphere? You can get a totally black shadow on the moon because there is no atmosphere? As black as being in a deep mine underground with no light? Hmm. Really?
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-11-8 05:12
So light travels in straight lines but also scatters everywhere? There is light in shadows? Because of this atmosphere? Is there atmosphere in a deep underground mine? Why won't the light scatter in black darkness? Like in a deep mine?
Reply Report SEARU 2018-11-8 09:18
HailChina!: So light travels in straight lines but also scatters everywhere? There is light in shadows? Because of this atmosphere? Is there atmosphere in a deep  ...
Your comments are funny in which some words contain much philosophy as well as science principles!
Yes, light and darkness are twin brothers who coexist as enemy to each other! The sunlight is active that can jumps if in the air to occupy as much space as possible! It seems that the darkness is ready to welcome the change although which has to pay the price of self-shrinking in the world!
Mostly we enjoy brightness, but sometime I prefer darkness since it can drive me to think a lot with wonderful imagination!

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