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UncleTrump's Admin Trade War Games Are Never Going To Be Great nor Easy !

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The USA is NOT winning anything at all since it started to open fire on China and its trading allies all over the world. Whereas, it is losing billion bucks daily and local Americans are getting very  nervous and uneasy, in particular the hard working farmers. Framers are never used to getting doles ( UDSD12 Billion handouts)  in their proud life styles.


China has wanted to purchase up to USD600 Billion of goods ( main item is agricultural products ) from the USA at the last meeting held in Beijing; but the USA under UnlceTrump's Admin was trying to blackmail and bully China into ceding to demands like the dark days of China decades ago. No more, China has grown up and it knows how painful it was to simply cede to bloody bullying suckers.


China can easily overcome grain shortages, if it cannot find the usual volumes available elsewhere. The USA is not the only place on earth to source grains and other items. Many other nations are so happy to see the USA losing China's huge  market of more than 1.35 billion highly affordable Chinese national families. Country side folks are so enriched with land incomes and various tourist incomes plus more local productions. The next step that China should do is :


  > Frugality drive must continue strenuously all over the country to enable every folk to know that wastefulness in food and all other materials is a self inflicted sin and crime.

 > For example : A family or group of four adults should cook or order food for just 4  but not 10. Three main dishes / courses plus a side course of soup will be more than sufficient to healthily feed 4 adults without wastage, virtually.

>  Seen around homes and restaurants, more than 50% cooked foods usually end up in trash bins, so damn sadly wasteful people could be! Majority of Chinese folks like to show off the sizes of their wallets, owned or borrowed. Frankly in any healthy mindset, such wastefulness in practice is a China's nightmarish dream over a longer term perspective.

> There is another sin very too often seen in home renovations, whether bought new or second hand. New purchasers / owners love to tear out or strip every single bit inside the "homes" and/ or "offices" . Why are they so damn wasteful to the nation and inconsiderate to living neighbors?


Imagine if each adult cuts 50% of wastefulness in China, there is NO requirement to purchase that many tons of raw materials, grains and foodstuffs from abroad. This way, naughty nations cannot collaborate against China in any way while China must encourage and incentivize locals to get back to basic; that is, increase two folds in local productions and reduce wastefulness by 50%. Then, no nation is able to blackmail again!


Hate foreign talks about how China's population will starve and revoke, etc...etc..etc.., if the USA screws China with more tariffs or escalate this tariff war against China. Very uneducated people like idiotic sbanon, gordonchang, kudlow and others of the USA had cited how to battle China with fake news (fake news hated by UncleTrump). They are driving hard on devilish propaganda around the globe to demonize China as the villain and foe of people. Whereas, they are the ones who are pointing a gun at China's throat for decades, very sinfully with a thick skin mentality.


Even US Pentagon's Chief Engineer imagined the space war force is necessary because China is the main builder of war games in space threatening the USA's supremacy. The USA has more than 6000 nuke warheads which is more than 10 times of China's nuke inventory according to US CIA 's reports. Besides, the USA has more technological skills and know-hows to conquer the outer space for decades. So, is Pentagon being so stupid suddenly or to say, " who is trying to threaten who for decades? ".  Is the USA not all in nationalist frenzy by promoting its "America First" ? STOP bloody spitting nonsenses nor to blame others if you keep investing in war games. NOT enough of war game wastages to blow up your own inflicted debts of xx Trillions ?  Get real!


China has lived thru the Bamboo Curtain ( entirely isolated ) age; and it is well matured to cope with all national and human matters, including global matters.  










(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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