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changing the guard of CSRC

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we have a new head of CSRC, mr liu shiyu who replaced mr xiao gang. this has been very much an anticipated change in the market. as you know chinese investors love to have a scagegoat to reset their loss and start their reckless punting again. i bet all investors will be disappointed again, since they have failed to understand why market has been against them. 

the newly coronated boss has little knowledge on security or investment banking businesses, given his sizable portfolio of experience in commercial bankings. the jury is still out on his ability to rein in the runaway market and more importantly to continue the structural reforms in chinese security markets. I certainly wish government has appointed someone with more experience in secondary markets and knowing how a security firm or an investment bank works. 

mr xiao was blamed for several missteps of the market since last june. The most reported one is the latest circuit breakers 5/7 arrangement plus unchanged 10% daily trading curbs. it caused massive hiccup in its first day of trading after the rule was imposed. it was ridiculed by both domestic and foreign investors as "forced wearing condom after tubulization". however, in my eyes, mr xiao is a true reformer and he has really transformed china's security business with a set of new rules since the early 2014. before that, the only player in china's financial market is commercial banks. security companies are only confined to traditional brokerage business. since mr xiao gang, china's fund management business and capital market trading, over-the-counter trading and funding, custodian mamagement and prime brokers, and derivatives innovations became important parts of new businesses for otherwise dying security firms. security firms and investment banks are becoming a true and important financial conduit between fund suppliers and demanders which our commercial banks have failed completely. it is truly unfortunate in china it seems the performance of CSRC is only measured by the stock market performance. how ludicrous is it! this absurdity has placed this ongoing structure reform in limbo again as mr xiao has been removed. this is a retrograde in china's security buisness before mr liu can demonstrate that he is worth his salt in near future. 

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