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Expectation to go home

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    I haven't been back home for 3 months. It's a very long time for me expecially my daughter is only about 10 months old.

    I miss my daughter, my wife and my mom. Yesterday, I watched a movie which is called Father of the Bride. It is very interesting and funny but some scenario made me quitely be touched. Daughter is the sweetheart of her father in previous life. When she was young, father took a good care of her, worrying about her when she felt sad, buying a lot of gifts to make her happy. Father enjoyed the sweet when she sat on his legs,  experienced the happyness when he heard the innocent voice of his daughter.However, one day she grew up and she cameacross one man who capture her heart. Then father is not the most important man any more. She is not that submissive little girl.

    There is a scenario:After the first meet, the daughter would like to take her fiance out for a walk. Her father worry she will catch cold because it is very cold outside but she wears a single layer. So the father asks her to wear a coat with deep love. She doesn't comply with her father.However, then her fiance tells her it's cold outside and suggests her to have more cloths. She obeys her fiance without thinking which makes her father quite upset. From that moment, the father knows her daughter doesn't belong to him.

    Watching the movie, I assume myself is the father. I follow him to experience the similar waves of emotion and enjoy all the beauties they have ever had. Then I desire to go back to see my dear daughter, my dear sweetheart.


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Your photo has been recommended to the homepage. Thanks for sharing here !
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voice_cd: Your photo has been recommended to the homepage. Thanks for sharing here !
You are welcome.

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  • Cherish the Present 2014-1-13 12:09

    We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.
    -- Mattin Luther King

    You can make the most of life, or you can let it waste away, it's your choice.

    Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

  • Today, I feel very sad 2014-1-9 12:59

    zhxulong: Dear friend, before July last year, I have the same state of English, without speaking, listening, reading and writing. Then I joined in a training pr ...
    You are lucky! I have no chance like u ,so i need by myself.But I feel it very difficult to learn.

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