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The Perfect Woman

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Australian women are meant to be bronzed goddess's, so, like every other 20-something year old female, I'd diligently apply my Nivea fake tan on my body every summer. Imagine my surprise when I am trawling the supermarket in China for soap when I happen upon whitening lotion. By Nivea! After I got over the shock of it, I quickly snapped a photo and showed it to my family and friends back in Australia. The unanimous response was "Why would anyone want to be white?"

I'd never received positive attention for having white skin. The usual comments I received were "Are you iron deficient?", "Are you feeling faint?" and "Are you sick?"  But all over a sudden, living in China, I was getting gushing comments such as, "Your skin is so beautiful!", "You have such pearly skin" and "You look glowing". It got me thinking: what is beauty?

I was born with curly hair, pale skin and a curvy body, so naturally I wanted straight hair, tanned skin and an anorexic body. Women I have spoken to over the world say the same thing. They have straight hair and they want curly; they are tall and want to be short; short and want to be tall. You get the picture. You've probably wished for something similar yourself.

So what is beauty?

In this day and age beauty, for most people, is the advertisements we are bombarded with everyday and these advertisements will always feature the unobtainable. It's human nature to want we don't have or to want things that are slightly out of reach and the advertisers have grasped this concept and used it to their advantage. These days, in the West, there is a surplus of food and an alarming increase in obesity. Therefore, the beauty ideal is to be thin. Rewind a hundred years ago when there were wars and food shortages and the beauty ideal was to be as plump as possible. If, in the future, everyone is extremely tall, the beauty ideal will be shortness. If redheads become few and far between, then red hair will be the colour of beauty.

Realising how much we women are manipulated by the media I have decided that the beauty ideal is simply nourishing the body and life we have been given. I am now proud to be a curly haired, curvy, pale woman. I think more and more women (men too!) are waking up and realising that true beauty is difference. After all, if the only thing to eat in the whole world was bread, we'd get bored pretty quickly . . .

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Reply Report KristaChen 2013-12-3 02:58
It's good that you appreciate nature beauty.
Reply Report AroundTheWrldK8 2013-12-3 08:07
KristaChen: It's good that you appreciate nature beauty.
Thanks! It took me a long time to learn this, but I am glad I did!

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