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Say to , on International Women’s Day

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The day after tomorrow will be the International Women's Day.
Firstly, I would like to tell my mom " Happy Women's Day."
Secondly,although my daughter is still a kid, in the future, she will be a mature female, will be a wife, a mom also, therefore,  I would like to tell my daughter " wish you have a happy life. "
Finally, I would like to tell myself learn to be a better myself, learn to be a good mom and good daughter, although it will be a bit hard to achieve.
There is no doubt that the female palys diversified roles in society, female doctor, female teacher, female lawayer, actress... and so on. Society is a big topic, hardly for me to give any evaluations on female contributions, and I only can quote the Chinese old saying " Women can hold up half " as my conclusion.
As a member of a family, I do believe I can have comments on female playing. To a female, if she would like to have an entire a female life, she must play roles of daughter, wife and mom. Among the roles, the role of mom is the most inclusive and love-oriented role.
I couldn't fully understand my mom's thoughts and feelings until I have a kid. As the time goes on, my daughter is growing up, I have realized how hard to be a good mom, especially in daughter's eyes. I have to organize not only for material life but also have to undestand her sprint world well. Get back on my primary school, middle school and high school days, actually, from my mom's level, in primary  my mom couldn't teach me subjects (Chinese and Mathematics) already, but she still keep accompaying me when I wrote my homework, she always sat behind me on sofa, with her knitting a sweater, under the pale yellow light, reflecting her arms moving backwards and forwards which was much too impressive in my mind. Later, she accompaned me to travel across 2 provinces to enroll in university. 4 years later, she tried her best to collect employ supply information, when I have a stable work, she started to worry about my marriage, when I have  a baby, she contributed most of her time to help me look afer my kid when I 'm working.
Now I am in the same trace as my mom did; I always buy the best for my daughter, leave best for my daughter, and try my best to give what I can give her.
Today, I was touched by my mom's words. I told her " Mom, I can't buy new coat for you on this women's day because I have to pay for the tuition feel of my daughter's kindergarten." My mom replied to me " Please do not balance me and your daughter, don't forget I was being a daughter ever, your daughter should be placed in No.1 ." When I heard this, I was speechless and filled with tears.
Her words are still lingering on my ears now, if, if I can have a big wish, I wish I can up to be a mom as my mom did.
....." Happy women's day to all females and moms."

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