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What are you working hard for? A case for Work-Life Balance.

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I read with interest about Chen Weihua's article about the fight for an 8 hour workday. In the past, there used to be a saying that if you stand still, you fall behind. In today's highly integrated economy that runs at internet speed, if you don't run faster, you fall behind.

In this week's news about the missing Malaysian Airline aircraft, everyone wants to know a blow by blow account by the hour. The journalist needs to writer faster.

Consumer gets tired easily and wants the latest design. Now new fashion are release monthly instead of quarterly, new electronics are release quarterly instead of yearly. Designer needs to design faster and manufacturer have even shorter time to complete orders.

Is it so important that you must have new things all the time? New restaurant, new shopping malls, new cars, new mobile phone etc. Let me go a little bit extreme. How often do you need a new spouse? Do you get tired of your parents and children? Your dog? How long does your interest last? Sorry, I digress.

So you work very hard to earn a decent salary so that your loved ones can have better things in life. You need to work harder so that they can have the latest iphone just like their friends. You also need to earn more to get the new car model that you came across. Your wife wants a new bag just released in Milan. 

So you worked very hard. You worked so hard you missed your daughter's first concert. You need to see a client so you skip your son's first basketball final. You need to finished off a proposal in office so you came back after your kids are asleep and left before they are even awake. You skip a birthday because, well, there will be another birthday next year and you'll try to make it then. And so the sons and daughters grew up knowing their friends habits more than they know what their parents are up to.

It's not simply a 8 hour work day you are fighting for. It's about family-work life balance. Just like all clients are important for business, isn't your family a client demanding of your love. Just like money is important to fulfill your economic needs, isn't physical, social and mental well-being equally important. 

"But I need money to survive". No one is disputing that. What is in question is about family-work life balance. It is necessary to sacrifice family time and bonds with loved ones in order to build a better life and career. The question is "How much of your family and loved ones will you sacrificed?" As your piggy bank starts to fill with money, your vase of love starts to dwindle to nothing. By that time, the relationship is only in name only.

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-3-10 18:13
This is good stuff. Work- life balance is important. However, there is another saying with various versions.. Something like : if you can find what you really enjoy and make that your work and passion, you will never truly be working.
Reply Report juzunme 2014-3-10 19:36
ColinSpeakman: This is good stuff. Work- life balance is important. However, there is another saying with various versions.. Something like : if you can find what yo ...
How true  
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-3-11 18:24
Thanks for sharing your story here! We have highlighted your story to the homepage.
Reply Report 小米1972 2014-3-12 02:11
yes, we all hope that  we can  balance the Work and Life.
Reply Report juzunme 2014-3-12 02:45
小米1972: yes, we all hope that  we can  balance the Work and Life.
Yes, Xiaomi. Work hard but forget not those who are important to you. They also need your attention.
Reply Report Smile-Yilia 2014-3-12 05:37
As a child, I also want my parents to spend more time in accompanying me. But life is cruel, there would be nothing to do if we have no money. I 'm missing them very much. Maybe some day I become rich ,they will stay with me .
Reply Report juzunme 2014-3-12 12:42
Hi Yiliia. Life is seldom fair and is often unpredictable. However the lost and pain will give you the motivation and will to do better, think further and work harder. Best of luck. Jiayou
Reply Report LanaLiao 2014-3-21 04:58
"If you stand still, you fall behind", this is also my favorate saying. In Chinese, it means不进则退. very reasonable.
"As your piggy bank starts to fill with money, your vase of love starts to dwindle to nothing. By that time, the relationship is only in name only". I cannot agree with you more.  In my life, money is not as important as family. Having a warm,loving and close family is my forever dream. I've never dreamed to be a billionaire, or even a millionaire. Enough is enough. According to what I've heard and seen, the wealthiest don't necessarily  have the highest happiness indext. It's the middle class that have the highest. So I feel happy to belong to the middle class.
Reply Report juzunme 2014-3-21 17:07
Yeah, just happy to be yourself    You don't miss what's important until it's no longer there. Just be in a class of your own. Your own family, your own friends. What other people are don't really matter very much, only those who matters does.

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