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     Today I must tell the experience about the my Tmall online shopping on Nov.11. As you know, the Nov.11 is single day and also is a day Tmall store will discount their goods. I am entrapped in many attractive clothes, foods and other some daily necessaries when I looked at the Tmall website.

      I had booked 5 orders at that evening: a piece of shirt, an jacket, a piece of shoes, two bags of team and a bottle of shampoo.  two and three days later, I had received them one by one. of course I carefully the quality, size, type and quantity before clicking the " confirm receiving". most of them are acceptable according to my acceptance standard.

 but the shirt is too small, I tried it on, it was very tight and my chest is not covered. I started to contact with the shop assistant online. she suggested me that I should change the bigger size. the day after a day,  I wrapped this shirt and added a note: change bigger one but  the same color and style with before. then I sent out the Delivery Number to the assistant of the store online. she replied to follow up it until I would receive new one again. I was anxious for this new shirt' coming because of my urgent needing.

    it took 2 days of my delivery and 4 days of the seller's delivery. after 6 days later, I final had gotten it. I immediately putted it on, this time, it was still tight, and small. I am a little anger since I had chosen the size of this shirt according to the range of their providing size matrix in the website, but they were smaller than practical size. sellers should be obligated to tell the client in advance size is smaller than practical.

     I hesitated whether I replaced it again or not. absolutely, I might give the return of it. but I took times and very much liked this shirt, I determined to contact with the store assistant again for changing it again.

    tomorrow I will send it out again. and in 8 days later I hope to get this shirt with suitable size. please wait for my updating about this shirt story.

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    Planners should come from the players in the given playing fields.

    A good playmaker does not meant s/he is a good performer in the designed tasks, the question here is how to make a team working for a common goal: creating meaningful memories for the retired life.

  • The experience of a rental house. 2017-11-22 11:15

    My boyfriend and I have rented a apartment which is  10-square-meter,I even cook in that small house,this year,we changed a bigger house with two bedrooms ,a kitchen,and a bathroom in an old housing estate,then,we kept a Labrador,and he was so naughty that he used to mess our house,therefore,we change our house again,This time ,we rented a house with a small courtyard so that the doggy could play outside the house,but we still don't know when we can afford a real house that belong to ourself,hahah

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