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Every solar year around May 5th, as the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 45 degree. Everything grows bigger and faster since then. It is the end of Spring and beginning of the summer. 
In the afternoon of May 4th, many people gathered together at the backyard of WaSun Cottage ,an intangible cultural heritage, to welcoming Lixia and the May 4th Youth Day. Parents and kids enjoyed the origin of Lixia, stories given by Mr. Zhao shunlong, former vise president and researcher of folk literary, brought cheerful laughers to the summer air.
Every year on Lixia, peas, plums, loquat and tea flavored eggs are the traditional food people usually eat. It is called “xia san xian”(夏三鲜) in Chinese. it contains three kinds of food from the earth, the trees and under water. According to Chinese medicine theory that if you eat these three kinds of food on Lixia, you would not have an eating disorder and you would grow throughout the summer. It is also based on “Yin and Yang”, to keep a balance of your body,to resist the summer heat.
In ancient days, parents would like their kids sitting on a stone mill and eating boiled soft, sweet peas. So the kids can resist the summer heat and live a long life. This is so called “zuo zai dao jiu shang mian chi mei mei”,(坐在捣臼上面吃豆子) 。“mei mei”is a local dialect, it means “peas”. After eating peas, children also play a game with fried peas with their friends. It brings back some good old times for parents and great joys for children while trying to win more peas fromtheir competitors.

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    GOOD picture in which there is flying plane that I had not noticed before reading your text!
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    About “eat vegetables only,”: I think it is un-scientific if you just use vegetable as staple food for ideal figure! According to mom‘s experience, non-stopping working is nice for health who still owns shining skin and good looking! ’

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