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Gones, Goings, and To-goes

For years, I’ve been waiting for the right moment to dissect my past-self. I’ve been wondering what on earth had finally shaped me as the present-self? What could be changed and what could not? How am I supposed to be on the right track? Scattering threads just keep swarming up, fogging my pinhead to nowhere. Hopefully, those vague words would picture me as what I had been and what I am now, pulling the wools up to wave a bright future.

Gone Days

Those off-days were always filled with happiness and sorrow, rains and sunshine. Sometimes, in my face was abundant radiance. Smiling helped me fight against the evil. It charged to the fullest. More often than lot, rains were too much. I might be flooded by troubles, pains, and sorrow. Luckily, one thing was certain for sure. I was gradually able to divert those “rains”. Troubles could be cut up into “t-r-o-u-b-l-e-s”. Pains were switched into “gains”, there was no such thing as “sorrow” so long as we were growing. At the cost of suffering, I gradually fought my way back to the track.

Ongoing Days

Days which are waving goodbye to us are the most precious and yet the most mysterious. It is a “present” but always hot. All the past days were present days once, but most of us regretted more than once that they had missed the “present”. To leave no regrets for future-past-days, we must reflect on the already gone-days, learn from it and sail out again. Any sluggishness or negligence would finally lead us to deep woods. We would be gradually lost, confused, and finally stuck among trees. For such youngsters as me, relatively abundant time and energy might excuse us for a while but not for all. Constant studying, on the other hand, could offer us a short cut. The only weapon to fight forward is the accumulation of both past experience and updated knowledge. Hopefully, I would live by the school motto: diligence; ambition; decisiveness; and loyalty.

To-go Days

For the upcoming days, I am at a loss as what to say. However, I am one hundred percent sure that a requiring mind would eventually be paid back. God helps those who help themselves. I am struggling to be one of “those”!

       My fellow readers, please do forgive my messy ideas and be patient!

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Reply Report voice_cd 2013-8-14 08:45
This has been recommended to the front page. Thanks for writing.
Reply Report snowipine 2013-8-14 22:02
First i admire the structure arrangement 's unique character, it's so attractive.
Reply Report 520157 2013-8-16 21:06
voice_cd: This has been recommended to the front page. Thanks for writing.
Thank you.
Reply Report 520157 2013-8-16 21:07
snowipine: First i admire the structure arrangement 's unique character, it's so attractive.
You can do it too as long as you have faith in yourself

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