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It's my diary,I am Leslie!

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Hello,everyone,I'm Leslie,It's the first day I meet everyone here,and I'm so glad to see you all.
I have a clear rememberance the day my master lunar(now my best friend) came to my house and found me in the cornor,"what's that?"she said in a curious voice,"I am not that,moron!"I said with contempt."look,she is beautiful."moron ignored it and said to another one,"watch her curled green foliage!So pretty,isn't she?"I have a feeling that moron turned around and contemplated me for a long time.I use the word feel for I can not see,I am a plant,I have no eyes or nose or ears to see or smell or hear,but I can feel everything around me,in a particular way,I don't know what scientist said about it,however,I simply call it feeling.I remember the rest time of that day,I was tumbling shambling hobbling in a damp black plastic bag the whole way to lunar-my new master's home,I almost puked,I mean a similar feeling,you know plant never puke,that's the common wisdom,HA!
As soon as I was taken from the bag I feel dizzy for a moment,and then I found myself at a large living room,tables, chairs, couch,staircase,just the same like my ex-master's,but there was something different from the old one,I can feel it with my root.I felt myself floating in the midair from living room to the upstrairs bedroom,this must be my master's room,the perfume mixd jasmine and rosemary attracted me much,however what I felt was just an old cactus when I completely came into the room,oh lord,that is really old!
I was seted on the windowsill near the very old cactus,where the sunshine was good and the view outside the window was good too.Maybe there need a hello to my new neighbour,I greeted to her and for a real long time I finally felt her replay,I never want to try it again for buddha's sake.
Now I am here,on the windowsill.Every morning I bask in the sunshine and drink the water lunar bring to me,talk to old Mrs.cactus,just like think aloud,but I don't care for I really love my new home here and also my new master lunar even the old lady.At night lunar would tell me all the stroies she has and lord I love them all,lunar is a good talker!Also a story maker.I wish I could tell her about my life before,but I couldn't remember,weird.
OK,I think today is okay,I am a little tired and Mrs.cactus is sleeping(actually she sleeps almost 20 hours a day!)I can not make that voice for typing,I am sure you will see me tomorrow and everyday!So,feel you later!

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  • I am a demon 2013-7-25 23:54

    why you hate yourself? need to love yourself.girl

  • I am a demon 2013-7-25 23:52

    why you hate yourself ? need to love yourself I think

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