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My grandmother's house

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It has been a long time since I went to my grandmother's house.When I was still a child,its one of my paradise,I kept a long time living with my grandmother and grandpa,and that memories can never be forgotten.
Grandmother's house was at the end of  lane.I love that lane which was very quiet in daytime,however,at night,was boisterous.And flowers blossom on both side of the road,sweet fragrance of mixed jasmine and rosemary.I remember everytime I passed,I was in a good mood.
The house belong to my grandmother was very old,the steps with creases made by wood led up to her front door always voice a cracked voice and I was afraid to fall down it everytime I walked on .
My grandmother's living room was ample,a big couch with colorful blankets covered it over,I used to jumping on the couch and had a lot of fun.Facing the big couch was a wooden table,a small TV on it was no color and demaged badly,so I did not like to watch it even in the most tedious time.There is a furnace against the table in the corner,the burning fire made the room warm and pleasant in winter.I had a lot of vivid memories in here,my grandmother loved stories,and told me all about the stories she made up by herself in the cold winter day in front of the furnace,everying was warm,like her stories,some of them remained in my mind until now and I will never forget.
The kitchen was near the living room,and always permeated a smell of baked bread and roasted chicken,I loved it!The refrigerator in the cornor fulled of all kinds of icecream and beverage.There were many pieces of paper on the refrigerator for I enjoying this way to let my grandmother know what I need anytime,and I always got everything I want,What a marvelous kitchen!What a marvelous grandmother!I really miss that best time.
My grandmother's bedroom was upstairs at the end of the porch,the wall in the room were all wallpapered by newspapers,pieces of magazines and some doodles I made for fun,my grandmother always said I will become an artist someday,though I am not an artist now,may an artist someday like my grandmother said.There was no TV in the room,but a small table and a bed covered a lot of old books with yellow color pages.My grandmother was a book lover,who loved her books more than her life,I always wondered maybe I was not much important than the books.Anyway,my grandmother loves me,I knew it.If you looked down to the bed,you could see old toys and cartoons laid on the floor,thats all my favorite.A big drawing laced with silver frame  fixed on the wall,It seemed like an enigma,I watched over and over,wanted to figure out the meaning of it,but never found out.My grandmother said that is the art for you never know what it exactly mean,I had to say it was impressed me a lot during my childhood.
Behind the house was my grandmother's mythical garden,I loved reading the secret garden with my grandmother there and there were so many flowers,almost all kinds of it.Lily,Lilac,Mari-gold,Rosalie,chrysanthemum,sunflower,stramonium,lavender ect.I enjoyed the day reading the book for my grandmother and smelled the wonderful smell as if floating in the midair with all the perfume around you,as if in paradise.
grandmother's house was indeed a place for good memories,the place in my heart is so remarkable,never displaced,and will always guard the memories of the generations of children and grandchildren.

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    why you hate yourself ? need to love yourself I think

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