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Nurse Earns Praise for Saving Passenger Suffering from Heart Attack on Bus

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Nurse Earns Praise for Saving Passenger Suffering from Heart Attack on Bus
Yan Mei at hospital [Xinhua]


nurse from Taizhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, has earned high praise from the public after saving the life a 54-year-old man by giving him CPR.

Yan Mei, 23, works at Taizhou No.1 People's Hospital. At around 4 p.m. on November 10, she was on her way home.

As she got on her bus, she noticed that a man was surrounded by a number of people. Yan came close to the crowd out of curiosity, and found that the man had fainted due to a sudden illness.

She squatted down and touched his neck, diagnosing the illness as heart attack. Yan knelt down to conduct CPR and artificial respiration.

With her help, the man's heart started again. Yan continued to maintain the man's heartbeat until the ambulance arrived.

After the process, she felt exhausted, and found her legs had become limp. Yan then got on a bus and was praised by the ticket seller.

After arriving home, she called her colleague to inquire about the man's condition. When learning that the man has been out of life danger, Yan felt much reassured.

Three days later, Yan received a call from the daughter of the man.

"Are you the nurse who saved my father? Thank you so much," the woman said. "Can I meet you this afternoon, so that I can thank you face-to-face?"

"That was my pleasure. There is no need to visit me," Yan replied.

In spite of being turned down by Yan, the daughter of the man still came to the hospital to express her appreciation in person. She said: "You might think that you have just done what you ought to, but for us, you've saved my whole family."

(Source: Xinhua / Translated and edited by Women of China)

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