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Outstanding Party Member Laid Down Her Life for Poverty Alleviation in SW China

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Yu Fen (1st from right) [Xinhua Telegraph Daily]

A former female poverty alleviation official was awarded the title of Outstanding Party Member recently in Gulin County, southwest China's Sichuan Province, after she lost her life in an accident while helping impoverished locals last year.

Yu Fen, 45, worked in the radio and TV administration of Gulin.

As she wrote in her diary of poverty alleviation on December 20, 2017: "Villager Zhou Guangwen and Hu Kexun have just completed the construction of their new houses. And their old TV sets are not working properly. Both need to be replaced."

She therefore set out to deliver the two TV sets — a new one and another being used at her home, driving to Zouma Village, where Zhou and Hu lived, with her husband Chen Kaizheng, a doctor from the county hospital.

As it was approaching evening, Zhou Lin, an official of Zouma Village, suggested that they could come on another day. Yet, Yu insisted on a late night visit, saying that the next day was the 73rd birthday of Wu Renfen, Zhou Guangwen's mother. Yu was hoping that Wu would be able to watch TV on her birthday.

After delivering the TV to Wu at the entrance of her village, Yu said that it would be quite a burden for a lady of advanced age to carry the TV set home herself, and therefore the couple decided to drive her home.

Unfortunately, on a sharp turn near a steep hill, their car fell off a cliff when the roadbed collapsed. Yu died at the age of 45 from a serious injury.

At the news of Yu's death, within half an hour, hundreds of people went to the mortuary to pay their respects. Within a day, more than 210,000 messages were sent by mourners online.

A 70-year-old widowed man from Yu's hometown came to the funeral home and kept saying what a good person Yu was.

As Gao Yan, a kindergarten teacher of Gulin County, wrote: "Yu lost her life on the route to deliver her help in poverty alleviation, which deeply touched my heart. I am seriously thinking about the significance of faith remodeling in the new era. I have already felt the warmth and integrity of our Party."

On December 28, thousands of cadres and people in the county sent her off in tears. The most moving send-off scene in decades, as some elderly people recalled.

There are many touching stories concerning her engaging in  poverty alleviation, yet her approach of so doing is quite unique.

"She treated poor households as her own relatives, serving them wholeheartedly," said Peng Ling, one of Yu's colleagues.

"In particular, she was capable of remembering clearly even the trivial details of other people, viewing them as a matter of great importance, which is beyond our reach," said Li Zhenggang, village director.

Zhou Xuduan, wife of Zhou Yinghai, from a local impoverished household, had left home for five years because of the family's poverty. After learning about all this, Yu searched for the whereabouts of Zhou's wife and persuaded her to come back from Huizhou, south China's Guangdong Province, thereby helping the family reunite.

Over the past 20 years, she has helped many people in need, and 26 impoverished households that she directly assisted were lifted out of poverty.

Aside from being a good cadre, Yu is also an excellent Party member.

"My sister has worshipped the revolutionary martyrs since childhood and loves the Red Army. She has red spirit inside her," said Yu Xiaomei, Yu's younger sister.

According to Yu Xiaomei, each year during Qingming Festival, or the Tomb-Sweeping Day, Yu Fen would bring her family back to her hometown to pay tribute to the underground Party revolutionary martyr's monument, or go to Taiping Town to pay respect to the Red Army's monument.

After all these years, Yu Fen has really lived up to her promise. Meanwhile, she is a person who knows how to be grateful and give back.

When teaching at Yanwan Primary School, she took most of her 68 yuan monthly salary to pay for the tuition and living expenses for students from poor families. Over these years, she has helped 15 impoverished children who had dropped out of school to resume their study, and 11 of them finally went to college.

Yu Fen has not only dedicated herself to poverty alleviation for a long time, but also mobilized her family to join her in the cause.

"I am a doctor, so Yu Fen always asked me to go to the village with her to offer free treatment for villagers," said the husband.

Over the past few years, Chen has offered 583 free clinic services to poverty-stricken households, and has reduced or exempted their medical expenses by more than 250,000 yuan.

After her death, the municipal Party committee of Luzhou posthumously awarded Yu Fen the title of Outstanding Communist Party Member and called on all Party members of the city to learn from her.

(Source: Xinhua Telegraph Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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