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Tibetan Sisters Win Fame for Patriotism

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Zhuoga (R2) and Yangzong (L2) interact with a host on stage at the ceremony where they are awarded. [Xinhua]


Two women from Yumai County, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have earned high praise for expressing their love for their country over the past 50 years.  

Sisters Zhuoga and Yangzong have safeguarded their hometown together in a frontier region of Tibet for decades, despite its severe natural environment, inconvenient transport and tough life. 

Their hometown Yumai was nicknamed "the county of three people", because, along with their father, the two sisters used to be the only residents there. 

The pair had a chance to leave their mountainous hometown once before. However, they gave it up to transform their hometown into a well-off place through their intelligence, diligence and hard work. 

Their perseverance reflected of their great love for their homeland and their patriotism has touched many others. 

They were recently named as outstanding representatives who strengthen national unity and develop Tibet, and have been hailed as role models of the new era. 

They always exerted a positive impact on people with their faith, loyalty, responsibility and diligence, say officials. 

It is hoped that their spirit will be passed down from generation to generation as their deeds have demonstrated that patriotism is always shown through concrete action. 


Zhuoga (M) and Yangzong (L) talk with a solider on the frontier. [Xinhua]

Zhuoga and Yangzong [Xinhua]


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China

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