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Teacher Who Dedicated Life to Charity Passes Away at 91

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Teacher Who Dedicated Life to Charity Passes Away at 91
Liang Shengyu puts away the old clothes that kept her company for many years. [Changjiang Daily]


A 91-year-old college teacher from central China's Henan Province who spent her whole life sponsoring students from impoverished families passed away from illness on November 3. 

Liang Shengyu was an ancient literature tutor at Wuhan Polytechnic University (WHPU). 

She first started to give financial help to disadvantaged students at 15 when she became a teacher in her hometown. 

During her first job, she gave one quarter of her monthly salary to an impoverished student named Zhou Delong. 

Later, Zhou insisted to give Liang money in return for her kind-heartedness. Liang used the money to help more individuals. 

In 1951 when she joined WHPU, she kept sponsoring students. She gave impoverished students a certain amount of money each month. 

In 2000, she started sponsoring one student with 300 yuan each month up till his or her graduation. 

During the last 20 years of her life, she bought herself no new clothes at all. 

Last year, she insisted to add 100 yuan to her monthly donation

Yu Liang, who graduated from WHPU in 2014, was one of the students that received help from Liang. 

"I am really grateful to Liang for helping me when a mishap befell my family in my freshman year," said Yu. 

Following in Liang's footsteps, Yu has sponsored a student at the university in turn, giving 300 yuan each month, to carry forward the spirit of the kind old lady. 

Zhou Cuiping was another student sponsored by Liang. She thought Liang led a well-off life, but was surprised when she saw how Liang lived in a home for the elderly. 

"Liang had a simple diet. Her clothes were old. I didn't know she led a frugal life to sponsor students like me," said Zhou. 


Teacher Who Dedicated Life to Charity Passes Away at 91
Two students sponsored by Liang Shengyu visit her in the elderly people's home. [Changjiang Daily] 


(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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