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China's 1st Batch of Female Electricity Pylon Inspectors Gear up for Work

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China’s 1st Batch of Female Electricity Pylon Inspectors Gear up for Work
Wang Jiayu (L) and Wang Tongxing check the situation on an ultra-high voltage electricity pylon. [Xinhua] 


Ten young female technicians from north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have been working courageously in the field of ultra-high voltage power lines since their recent graduation. 

The fearless women belong to the Operation and Inspection Center of Power Transmission in Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia. The center is responsible for the operation and maintenance of three power transmission lines totaling 91 kilometers. 

Originally, they were all assigned to work in a transformer substation, which has a relatively more comfortable working environment. However, they gave up the opportunity in favor of a more challenging experience. 

Thus, they became the first batch of women to engage in this field in China. 

None of them had any prior knowledge of climbing or hanging high up in the air before their graduation. Some of them even suffered vertigo.

In spite of all the difficulties, they managed to overcome the problems, and after receiving physical training, they have cultivated their ability to scale electricity pylons dozens of meters high and walk on overhead wires. 

As most of them come from other provinces, they are also facing the challenge of the cold climate. 

Most of their work is done in the desert of the grassland where few people show up. Yet, each month, they need to make one inspection there. 

In January this year, when they were at work as usual in the grassland, they got lost because of a sudden gale and snowfall. To crown it all, the low temperature caused their mobile phones to power off. Luckily, a herdsman saved them. 

Their work environment is so tough that it even scares many men away. These young women, respectably, made it, though. Young as they are, they aim high. 


China’s 1st Batch of Female Electricity Pylon Inspectors Gear up for Work
The young women carry out an inspection in the snow. [Xinhua]

China’s 1st Batch of Female Electricity Pylon Inspectors Gear up for Work
Wang Huimei practices a drill in the overhaul of an ultra-high voltage substation. [Xinhua]


(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China

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