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University Graduate Fulfills Family Commitment by Caring for Martyrs' Graves

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University Graduate Fulfills Family Commitment by Caring for Martyrs'Graves
Feng Lian cleans commander Liu's tombstone in Nanbu county, southwest China's Sichuan province. [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]


A caring university graduate from southwest China's Sichuan province gave up her job in the city and returned to her hometown last year to fulfill her family's commitment to guarding graves for martyrs, according to a recent media profile.

Feng Lian, 26, is a grave keeper at Changping Mountain Martyrs Cemetery in Nanbu County, Sichuan.

In the cemetery there is a special gravestone for a company commander surnamed Liu. Fang's whole family has been quietly guarding over the site for 85 years.

In August 1933, the Red Army fought the enemy troops on Changping Mountain and established a forward combat command post there.

Fang's great-grandparents, both surnamed Chen, lived a hard life in Changping at that time.

At the end of 1933, the Red Army decided to make a strategic shift. In order to provide cover for the major forces, Commander Liu volunteered to stay.

During this time he often went to the Chen household to help with daily work. Thus the old couple treated him as their child.

However, after the major forces left, Liu and other soldiers were discovered and killed by the enemy.

On her deathbed, Feng's great-grandmother told her husband, Chen Xiukun, to adopt a child and left a message:

"Liu died for us, so our family should guard his tomb for generations."

Four years later, Chen adopted a boy whose family name was Feng and named him Chen Zhongmin.

Chen Xiukun died in 1971. His son inherited his legacy and took over the responsibility of guarding the tomb.

Chen Zhongmin became seriously ill in 2002. Before his death, he called back his daughter and son-in-law, Feng Lian's parents, who worked in south China's Guangdong province, to return home to guard the tomb.

Feng remembers that her family lived a well-off life in Guangdong. However, after her parents returned to Changping Mountain to fulfill the family commitment, their life became harder.

In 2015, her household even became one of the few impoverished families in the village.

But the impoverished life did not shake the family's determination to guard the martyr's tomb.

Today, the tomb is surrounded by the graves of 11 members of Feng's family.

Upon graduation from university in 2016, Fang went to Guangzhou, Guangdong, where she and her boyfriend worked.

The Nanbu county government built a Red Army martyrs monument and cemetery near Feng's house in 2011. Since then, the family guarded over 800 martyrs in total.

Feng's father often blamed himself for not speaking Mandarin well and being a bad tour guide for the historic site.

He became too old to take care of it.

After spending half a year in Guangzhou, Feng returned home to become the fourth generation of tomb keeper.

In addition to helping her father clean the cemetery every day, she also works as a volunteer lecturer.

Every time she sees martyrs' descendants coming to worship and hear about their honorable deeds, Feng is convinced she made the right choice.

"Those words like revolution, sacrifice, dedication are abstract to most people, but they are my most vivid family memories," Feng said.

Due to the development of the local economy, her family's lives have improved. Nanbu County became one of the country's first to shake off poverty in October last year.

Last year, Feng became a teacher after passing relevant tests. The school she works at is close to the martyrs' cemetery. In this way, she can handle the two jobs well.

Feng said by fulfilling the family's commitment and educating the young generation, her life now is meaningful.


University Graduate Fulfills Family Commitment by Caring for Martyrs'Graves
Feng Lian's family [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]

University Graduate Fulfills Family Commitment by Caring for Martyrs'Graves
Changping Mountain Martyrs Cemetery in Nanbu County, Sichuan [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]

University Graduate Fulfills Family Commitment by Caring for Martyrs'Graves
Feng Lian (C) tells the story of the Red Army to her students. [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]


(Source: Xinhua Daily Telegraph/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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