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Physically-Impaired Entrepreneur Helps Others Live Better Lives

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Physically-Impaired Entrepreneur Helps Others Live Better Lives
Huang Yinhua at her company's offices in central China's Hubei Province. [Women of China/Li Wenjie]


A physically-impaired woman from central China's Hubei Province who got rich through setting up an e-commerce company has run a vocational training school since 2010 to help more people find employment.

Huang Yinhua, 45, used to be a healthy and happy child who loved singing and dancing like normal kids did.  However, due to a serious bone infection, she had to drop out of school at the age of 13 and became bed-bound.

During those several years, she learned how to write and penned an autobiographical story called Flying Dream at 17.

At 19, she learned a new skill with which she could feed herself and lessen the burden of her debt-ridden family to pay for her medical expenses.

She left her rural village and moved to Wuhan, where she learned clothing design in a vocational class. Two years later, she opened a clothing-making store called Yunshang and invited two experts as well as two apprentices to work for her.

She opened a bookstore in 1995 and used a computer to manage it in 1998, earlier than most bookstores in Hubei at that time.

After hearing about young people's demands for dating and making friends, she opened a coffee bar in 2001 for single people, quickly attracting many customers.

Huang become more confident during her growth, she had a family and a child soon.

Unfortunately, her marriage broke down in 2008 when she was 35. The bookstore was also hit by market, which pushed Huang close to the edge.

It was around that time that the Magic Bean Love Project, initiated by the China Red Cross and online marketplace Taobao, was looking for mothers who were strong and unyielding in cities across the country, to provide them with entrepreneurial funds, hardware and systematic training.

Huang was fortunately selected as a Taobao Magic Bean Mom and received five days of training, getting 10,000 yuan capital and one computer.

She opened an online store after training, which dramatically changed her life.

She worked hard to learn new knowledge such as photography, promotions and trying to make friends with suppliers. Surprisingly, she found that her shop's online sales volume reached to 2 million yuan that year.

The shop's success inspired her to help other people like her to make the same success with e-commerce as she did.

As she has once built a website for physically-impaired people, helping over 100 find jobs, she wanted to establish a school to help them at that time.

Under her guidance, an entrepreneur training base for physically-impaired people was established in 2009.

She recommended her school plan to the Ministry of Social Responsibility of Alibaba Group, the most famous online trade company in China, in 2011 and won their support, which greatly contribute to its development.

It had trained over 20,000 people by 2016, becoming a famous e-commerce training school.

It has grown from having a simple entrepreneur base into a social organization integrating formal vocational training school, investment company, e-commerce industrial park and cultural and entrepreneurial industrial park.

Meanwhile, Huang expanded her charity scale through e-commerce. She also serves as vice president of Hubei Network Business Association.

She has been practicing a spirit of public welfare which is trying to help more people like her to start a business while experiencing adversity.

Huang participated in the implementation of the Hubei Magic Bean Public Welfare Project and achieved first prize in personal sales nationwide as well as the team sales category nationwide.

Due to the Hubei Magic Bean project, Huang was invited by Alibaba to give speeches twice, one in 2012, and the other in 2017, respectively.

Huang has many titles now, including president of Wuhan Sunshine Vocational Training School, president of the Training Institute of AliExpress University and chairperson of Bonas E-commerce Industry Incubation Base.

She has also been awarded many honors, including the National May 1st Labor Medal, March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter of Hubei Province, and Hubei Employment and Entrepreneurship Outstanding Individual.

"I hope to enlarge and strengthen e-commerce education and help more people sell commodities across the country and even around the whole world in the future," Huang said.

"I also hope to enhance my charity scale and help more poverty-stricken women achieve Internet Plus employment, allowing them to work at home through e-commerce and micro-business platforms. If more mothers can do on-line jobs at home, they will be able to care for their kids at the same time, and as a result, there will be less left-behind children in the future," said she when asked about her future plans.

(Source: Women Voice / Translated and edited by Women of China)

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