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our youth (serial 13)

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Chapter three

Liu Tao has been changed by himself. He got up early every day , then he went out the house and carried His English book. He wanted to use three month and remembered the English to catch Qing Zheng. He knew that Qing Zheng ‘s English was best in their classes she has aunt who lived in the American, she is famous writer. ,so he must study harder.


One day , there were English class. The English teacher always stand front door and said to all student :”Liu Tao leave out classroom , please.” what did the English teacher do as it?  Because Liu Tao had made trouble to him. Once Liu Tao didn’t finish the English homework, but how to face the English teacher? He though for moment and took his classmate’ notebook ,he used his name and covered his classmate’s name, so he could finish his homework. But the classmates is English class monitor.

He had been penetrated by English teacher.


Liu Tao stood up and said to English teacher:” teacher, I want to study English since today!” his expression was so earnest.

But the teacher nodded and answered :” no,no,no. the god don’t let me to teacher lie child.!” The teacher is Christianity believer and mixed blood.

The teacher stood front door of classroom and waited him if he didn’t leave the classroom, he didn’t begin the English class.

The classroom was so silent, all the classmates were looking at him.

He stood here and answered question:” I can leave the classroom, but I want to attend the examination of term end.

The teacher answered to him:” ok, I agree it, because you attend or not, the point is zero!”

The laughing was bombing in the classroom.

Liu Tao smiled and leaved the classroom. He said to teacher, I will let you to feel what is shame!” when he passed him. 


Qing Zheng didn’t let Liu Tao to waste time. She told him:” you come my house this evening, I will tell you how to study English by yourself. But you must persist it, because my parents afraid it. The book and disc were sent by my aunt who what me go to there after we will graduate from middle school. You only know that my parents had not freed because my aunt which is relation of foreign.”

Liu Tao nodded and answered in his soft:” I know it, I can not say to any one!”

Qing Zheng shamed and told him:” I wait you at home after supper.!” After her face was red as sunset clouds.


Chapter four

He went to her home after supper , he thought how to speak with her parents who are engineer. Her parents worked in the same research unit. But his parents are workers .so he didn’t go to her home at ordinary time. Her parents are always reads book ,he didn’t waste their time. But today , he must go to there.

He knocked the door and called her parents:” uncle and aunt, I borrow English book from      Qing Zheng!”

Her father laughed and said to him:” you welcome, but I must talk with you before it!”

Liu Tao stood here and thought what does he want to talk with me?


Her father let him to sit on sofa and watched him for moment, after it he said to him:” Liu Tao you are youth, you must know that ‘knowledge  is power ‘ what means, so you must study harder.  Do you think or nor what will you do after you leave the middle school? Now our country is only poor, but is temporary. The English that you must study harder , because Qing Zheng ‘aunt will help her to go abroad, her aunt is famous writer.”

Liu Tao knew it .Qing Zheng must be go to abroad, but he could not go to abroad ,his farther is carpenter. He smiled to her farther and said:” my father is carpenter, I could learn how to furniture from him.”

Her farther looked at him and said :”if you want to do it , I could help you.” he took out the book from book shelf and gave it.

He read the name of book<the style furniture of Ming time>. He felled the book is so height. He said to him:” uncle, I must learn from it!”


He said to her:” your father want me to know furniture  art” after they went out her home. She smiled and asked him:” what do you think about it?”

He shamed and answered:” I only want to become his son -in -law.”

She didn’t answered the question, but she told him:” my uncle is in Hong Kong who sell the Chinese classic furniture, my aunt is in American who want me to go there ,my father want you to study classic furniture which you could know what mean he.”

Liu Tao nodded.


Liu Tao read the books which had sent by Qing Zheng ‘s father , he began to interest it. But he found the problems that is he didn’t know sketch , so he could not describe it. He told to Qing Zheng :”I must learn sketch, so I can know the picture and seize.”

Qing Zheng looked at him so happy, because he began to know how to study. She shamed and said to him:” fellow me.”

They came back her home. She told her father:” he want to learn the sketch.”

Her farther smiled and told him:” that is all right, the youth could not waste the time .the classic experience told us’ the old could not do anything that because he didn’t learn anything in youth.”


She carried out the book of sketch and said to him:” my father told me that you can do it well if he decide to do it ,he said tha t you are very clever.!” She sent to him book and smiled . she found that Liu Tao is so beautiful as the moment.

Liu Tao took the book and answered her:” your uncle is selling the classic furniture in Hong Kong ? ”

 She nodded and told him;” my uncle is living in Hong Kong for many years, he is capitalist and sell the classic furniture.” She stopped when she said in here.

He knew her means, he looked at her and asked:” you must go to American after we graduate from middle school?” he worried it.

Her eyes in soft and asked him:” what worry about you?”

His face was red and answered slowly:” I afraid that you forget me!”

She laughed loudly and answered:” fool.She answered him with mysterious:” you father didn’t tell you about our two family ‘s relation?”

He answered:”no!”


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  • our youth (serial 42) 2020-5-9 18:53

    I suggest that you read the New Yorker, the Paris Review, and Harper's if you strive to learn how to write like a literary type;  such A-list publications publish several gripping stories every week or month.  At the very least, you could learn how to flesh out this story with more detail. Good luck to you.

  • our youth (serial 35) 2020-5-3 19:31

    Sorry for being plain-spoken, and I don't mean to discourage you from writing creatively, just one suggestion: in addition to spending time developing the plot of your story, please also put in the hours to work on grammar and other basics of English.

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