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   Today ,my job make mistake again, so the mood is very bad.
    Three years , in working , I've never make mistake.but recently I don't know why continuation make mistake.
memory more and more bad. all things must myself do it and check ,when the work more and more much , I began feel ability not equal to
myself ambition.
      I often said to myself:"believe in myself and must confident, I will be best!
      But when you realy met the bad things, you will become unconfident and don't believe yourself......
      I want to travel and relax the mood , when can realize myself dream?who can tell me how should I do ?

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Reply Report voice_cd 2013-1-22 13:53
Never ever give in yourslef and keep confident no matter how worst the situation is! Believe in future! Take one day off and relax and then come back to work with a brand new mood. Analyse the mistakes you made and categorize them, find the reason to those mistakes and then try to rectify them.
Reply Report millytheblueday 2013-3-13 08:24
You are too under pressure - as it seems to me - you want to catch the time - to catch the mistakes ect.. - and i think you are trying to do that by speeding yourself  - and thats why you are too much under pressure..
My advice: the only way to catch the time , and everything around yourself is to slow down yourself - not to speed up..if you start running - the time will run even faster - if you slow down - the time will also slow down even more than you - so you will have more time :) try it :) DON'T WORRY :) milovan

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  • I want to Change...... 2014-2-28 19:07

    i can only say"just do it", for both of us.

  • Monday Mood...... 2013-10-26 15:47

    Little girl ,please not be that,come on baby,you shuold learn how to balace you reality life,at the same time,you should realise the bad and the good aspects of a particular thing happen to your career.i'm in favor of you!

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