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China Should Back North Korea’s Right to Defend itself

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14.00 The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, just finished his visit to the U.S.   According to the news reports, Wang Yi talked with the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, and agreed to a U.S. proposal for more serious sanctions against North Korea.   If this is true, it will have serious implications for China and the world.

Does North Korea have the right to defend itself?   What should the North Korean people and government do in face of constant military provocation by the U.S., and South Korea, in the form of monthly military exercises outside its territory water?   What should the North Korean people and government do with the memory of Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Kaddafi of Libya?   The U.S. defied the UN charter in invading Iraq and caused the deaths of more than one million people,  and the U.S. defied the UN Charter in instigating the insurgency in Libya to topple Kaddafi.   Why can the North Korean people and government not defy the UN resolutions, sponsored by the very violators of the UN Charter, and developing nuclear weapons for self defense purposes?   Why can North Korea not develop and launch satellites for self defense purpose?

The North Korean Government and People know better than Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Kaddafi of Libya.   They know that the best defense is to strengthen one’s own defense capabilities, and to be prepared to inflict enough damage that the aggressors would think twice before they venture against North Korea.

The whole world knows that North Korea develops nuclear weapons and launches its missiles for self defense and deterrence purposes.  As a small nation bent on self determination, North Korea has no intention to use nuclear bombs against the U.S., or any of its powerful neighbors, if it was not invaded.  Otherwise it would be suicidal in the end.   To say that North Korea’s nuclear program is a threat to the U.S. and its big neighbors is simply a lie.

The real threat to the world peace and to the stability of Korea peninsula is the U.S. military bases, and U.S. and South Korea’s sabre rattling on a regular basis.

North Korea’s effort to defend itself is a just cause.  China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has the moral obligation to uphold North Korea’s rights for self determination and self defense.   To allow the U.S. to bully its small neighbor, it would mean that China is forsaking its moral obligations to uphold justice for the small developing nations in our world.

The whole world, particularly the third world countries, are watching what China is doing to its former allies and neighbors under the joint pressure of U.S. and South Korea.  Will China allow the U.S. to dictate the terms and conditions of the international game regarding its former allies, and most important neighbor, right outside its own territory?    This is a moral test of China’s leadership in face of a blackmail by the U.S. and South Korea.

Let the U.S. deploy the missile defense system in South Korea.  Let the U.S. escalate the military tension in East Asia.   It only shows the weakness of the U.S. government.   If the North Korean people are not intimidated by U.S. deployment of the missile defense system south of its territory, why should China give in on this?

China should continue to back its neighbor’s rights for self defense and self determination as its moral obligation.   Defending North Korea’s right for self defense will be tremendously important for China’s international prestige as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.   The whole world is watching now, and whatever happens next will have long term implications for China and the future of the world.


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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-3-3 15:51
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.
Reply Report PAPAI 2017-4-28 22:18
well deng even invaded viet nam for america, so what has changed really/.

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