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China Should Help Russia at this Difficult Moment of Its History

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14.00 China should help Russia at this difficult moment in its history, when the United States and its allies are putting pressure on Russia through sanctions and other economic measures.   The reason is very simple.   Helping Russia is helping China now.    If Russia goes down under the western pressure, China will have to face the western pressure alone.

For many decades, the United States and its western allies have used sanctions and other economic measures to bully other countries to conform to their wills.   Any country in our world who dare to say no to the bullies will be faced with the sanctions and punishing measures designed to break its back.    If China allows the bullies to have their way with Russia, then China will be next to be bullied when Russia goes under.

Many people say that there is no permanent friends in the international relations, and there is only permanent national interests.   I disagree.   It is hard to have permanent friends in this world, because nobody try to make permanent friends in the first place.   But there is no permanent national interests as well.   National interests vary according to the international environment as well.   At this moment,  it should be China’s national interests to help Russia, a friend in need.

Many Chinese scholars talked about the rugged relationship China and Russia experienced in the last one hundred years as an indicator of the existence of rival national interests  between China and Russia . China signed four alliances with Russia when they faced with the common threats from Japan in the past, but none of them worked in the end.  

In 19894, after China’s defeat by Japan, China and Russia signed a secret alliance against Japan.  But when Russia and Japan got into a fight in 1905, China declared neutrality,  effectively terminated the alliance.

In 1923, the former Soviet Union signed an alliance with Sun Yatsen’s nationalist party and helped build the United Front between the Chinese Nationalists and Chinese Communists to fight the warlords and unite the country.  The former Soviet Union sent military aid and advisers to train a national army to fight for China’s unification.   But Jiang Jieshi betrayed the alliances by turning his gun against the Chinese Communists and threw all the Soviet advisers out of China.

In 1937, when Japan started an all out war against China, the former Soviet Union was the only country came to China’s help.    Stalin forgave Jiang Jieshi’s early betrayal, and sent military aid, and military advisers to help China.   Many Soviet pilots died in China fighting the Japanese invaders.   Stalin and the red army of the Soviet Union played an important role in defeating the Japanese military might in China in 1945.

Many Chinese scholars were critical of Stalin for asking for a high price from China at Yalta Conference in 1945.   What Stalin did at Yalta Conference was common practice of that time.   Both Roosevelt and Churchill consented to Stalin’s demand.    Like all other weak countries at the time, China’s destiny was decided by the dominant players, not by the Chinese people.

If you want to control your own destiny in this world,  you need to demonstrate to the world that you have the ability to do so.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Chairman Mao signed a Sino-Soviet Friendship Treaty with Stalin.   China was still weak, and the friendship treaty underlay China’s national security at the time.   During the Korea War, the former Soviet Union provided crucial support for the Chinese volunteers.   Stalin and the Former Soviet Union provided the Chinese volunteers with the state of the art military equipment free of charge or at a discounted price.    Many Soviet pilots engaged in fighting in Korea, and hundreds of them made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.   The Soviet support played a crucial role in checking the madmen like Truman and MacArthur who threatened the use of nuclear bombs against China a few times during the Korea War.

Once China and its volunteers were able to defeat the United Nation forces in Korea, demonstrating its ability to decide its own destiny, Stalin and the former Soviet Union, returned almost everything it got through Yalta Conference back to China without any charge.

It is too bad that the Alliance between China and the former Soviet Union, like the previous three alliances, broke down as well,  with huge cost to both China and the former Soviet Union.    Russian scholars had already recognized the breakup with China constituted the biggest diplomatic disaster in its history.  

I would argue that these alliances indicate that China and Russia are natural friends in international relations.   Whenever, there is a common threat, they would band together to deal with that threat.   The reason that these alliances did not work out because China and Russia or former Soviet Union, were not equal partners at the time.   Naturally, China, as a weak partner, tended to think that it was slighted occasionally in the relationship.   On the other hand, Russia, the stronger partner of the alliance, tended to think that it was justifiable to slight the weaker partner occasionally.

Now with the rise of China, the Sino-Russia are equal players in this world.   It is no longer a weak China seeking rescue from Russia.    Sino-Russia relation today is more mutually beneficial and complementary.   If Russia and China can work together in a closer relationship,  they will be able to collaborate with one another with greater trust in a more broad way.   Together, they will be an important pillar for world peace.    Nobody will dare to start a war against another country if China and Russia band together to say no.

Some Chinese scholars argue that Russia took some land from China, and China should attempt to get these land back while Russia is being squeezed by the West.    It is foolish to think that we could roll back the time now.   This loss of land on China’s part was the result of the treaties between Russia and China dictated by the balance of power at the time.   Now there are better ways to solve the past grudges.   If China and Russia can work together.     If Chinese people and Russian people build trust between them, they will be able to solve their past grudges in a mutually beneficial manner.   The potential for China and Russia to cooperative in our dangerous world is great.

Chinese Government should start talk with Russian leader to see in what way China can help Russia to tide over the current difficulties.  China should do everything it can to help a friend in need.   A favor in time of need is more valuable than otherwise.   Russian people will remember just like most Chinese people today still remember the important help Russian people lent China in the past.

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Reply Report eddieturkson 2015-4-4 14:30
I enjoyed reading this post. It is very informative and would love to read more. I learnt so much from this historical analysis. Thanks loads for sharing. Better than if I was sitting in a classroom.
Reply Report futsanglung 2015-4-4 17:49
so you are saying that China should support Russia in its invasion of the Ukraine then?
Reply Report lebeast 2015-4-4 18:09
This reminds me of the folly of thought.

We people are not our nation. We are not our government. We are merely told what we are.

Whether you choose to accept this identity is up to you.

Preferably, you choose your family ties and your primal instinct.
Reply Report KIyer 2015-4-4 18:13
Good post. Just like neighbours(people) who have had differences, neighbour nations need to get over the past and build a new positive relationship based on friendship and help in need. That is how trust is built up over generations. This friendship between Russia and China will be beneficial to the entire world. Great spirit of acknowledging the failures in the past of one's own country's leaders and forgiveness expressed in this blog! Other nations can learn from this and should.
Reply Report Ted180 2015-4-5 10:34
One question is: "What do these "western bullies" really want? No longer do China or Russia present a "pure communist front" (or even a pure socialist front) against capitalism. Both are now "mixed economies". The more enlightened "capitalist" countries (the EU - especially Scandinavia and the Netherlands, Canada, but not yet the US) mix private enterprise with social welfare to the extent that even their poor have high living-standards. So, what is the argument all about? Is it a real ideological argument? Or is it just a nationalistic one? What is the best formula for peace, prosperity and human rights for all the world's people?
Reply Report canadian45 2015-4-6 05:59
"What do these "western bullies" really want?"  
You are completely ignoring the fact that Russia is the bully! It has invaded Ukraine twice!!

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