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how to fetch happniess? how to make life comfortable?

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maybe it is my problem, i always feel lonely and compell me to do something i don't like  which have to be done in daily life such as working and taking care of babies,etc.which i think very boring in everyday doing but i have to, so i always feel tired and unhappy, nowdays people around have their life themselves and won't to have fun like sports or entertainment with me or you, they have their business, even if they always feel lonely too, so what happened to nowdays modern city life? is that all the life means to us? such feelings really make me upset and down and lose sleep at night, for which i think life lack hopeness, what's wrong with me? am i sick? who can tell me? how is that happen to me? i know there is much richer in materials comparing with the past and so is the life level, but why i am not happier than the past?

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-10 21:19
Hi Shanghai Baby!  You should not be bored or lonely in this 24 hour mega-city! When I lived there (I still visit a lot) my list of non-work things for fun included: playing pool with friends in a pool hall or a sports bar with pool table; watching live English and other soccer on TV in a Sports bar; playing cards with Chinese friends; going out to dinner with Chinese friends (not always Chinese food - Japanese Hibachi is great fun); going to the movies; going to clubs (with friends, not pick up : the best way to dance with a lovely Chinese girl in a club to bring her; plus in right time of day, the wonderful museums and art districts.  That's not to mention an occasional night river cruise or a romantic view of the riverbanks from Cloud 9 or similar. So that's my Shanghai, what's yours?
Reply Report SEARU 2014-4-15 16:24
" taking care of babies  "  should  be  every  interesting !   although  I  am  a  middle-aged  man .
Reply Report claudeckenni 2014-4-26 00:19
Reply Report LUCY2013 2014-4-28 12:38
claudeckenni: 人往往在逃避命运的路上,却与之不期而遇。
what you said makes sense.

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  • on the bus to company 2016-7-6 13:51

    thanks for all the comments you left to me, i have been absent here for a long time.
    yes, in china people mountain people sea(人山人海, it means that people crowded around you especially during festival days) ,but i get used to it and it is not recommended to have a journey during Chinese festival.
    hope you happy everyday.

  • on the bus to company 2016-1-5 12:11

    We cam to China when my children were very young.  In the US we did not often ride the bus.  Here the buses are often so crowded, my children actually became a little frightened by all the people crowding around them.

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