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A book on idioms

More and more foreigners learn Chinese.I bought a bilingual book 'A collection of Chinese Idioms and Their Stories" about 10 years ago.It is interesting and heplful to undertand Chinese culture.
I will select some of stories and post them.Would you mind to say something about the stories.

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The skill of slaughtering dragons(屠龙之技)
There was a story  recorded in Lei Yu Kou---Zhuang Zi.
In the zhou Dynasty,there was a person who named zhuePingman.He sold all his property that worth a lot of money in order to learn a skill.He spent three years out and came back to his hometown.Someone asked him,"What have you learned on earth during such a long time?"He answered with pride,"I have endured much hardship and difficulty,now I have learned the unique skill in the world,the skill of slaughtering dragons."Then he described how to slaughter a dragon,how to press the dragon's head and how to dissect it. A man asked him,"The skill of slaughering dragons surely is something.But who will ask you to slaughter a dragon? "

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Lord Ye's love of dragons (叶公好龙)
The allusion "Lord Ye's love of dragons "in recorded in Trifles_new Order.There was a

noble in Kingdom of Chu,His name was Zigao.He held a post in Ye (present Ye Town in Henan

province)and people called him Lord Ye.Lord Ye liked dragons very much.Three were figures

of dragon on the roof beams and pillars,and there were pictures of dragon on walls.So

Lord Ye was well known for his love of dragons.Hearing this,the real dragon in heaven

flew to Lord Ye's home to find out the face.It stuck its head into Ye's bedroom through

the windows,strecthing its long tail in the hall.Seeing this,Lord Ye was frightened to

utter stupefaction and ran away hurriedly .In fact ,Lord Ye didn't lvoe dragons.He loved

dragons on the surface,but he in fact wasnot a real lover of dragon.

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Gilding the lily(画蛇添足)
During the Warring States Period,a man in Kingdom Chu went to worship his ancestors.He gave his servantes a bottle of wine,which was enough to be enjoyed by one single person but was far from enough if shared by all the servantes.The servants got a good idea.They would all draw a snake on the ground.Who finished the drawing first would drink all the wine.Then they began to draw the snake on the  ground.A man finished his work very quickly.He held up the bottle and continued to draw feet for the snake.Just then,another serveant finished his work too.He grabbed the bottle and began to drink the wine.He said to the man who had been adding feet to the snake:"A snake has no feet .So what you draw is not a snake.I am the man who sould drink the wine."Then he drank all the wine happily.The man who drew a snake and added feet to it was very unhappy but had nothing to say.He regretted what had done.

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A snake who wants feet is like a capitalist. He'll do anything to get his foot in the door. :o

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A snake who wants feet is like a capitalist. He'll do anything to get his foot in the door.

Your reply is wonderful,fabulous.
Gilding the lily or  adding feet to snake is  negetive.Sometimes ,it is active and efficient.

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A man who lost his trailer ends up a dragon boat. :P
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