murcuryjenny Post time 2014-5-28 00:23:44

Is sex a taboo?

Is sex a taboo in the Asian community? For me I grew up in the US not knowing what it is until I was in high school (age 14ish).
A lot of my Chinese friends are the same. My aunt grew up in China and even through college she didnt even know how babies were conceived. So I'm just wondering why is it still a taboo or is it not anymore? What are your views about this?

lychee527 Post time 2014-5-28 10:33:24

It is a taboo in majority families..My parents seldom talk about it. What I know about sex before high school was from friends or internet.

Jason2014 Post time 2014-5-28 11:02:36

I was reared in a traditional Chinese family,and sex seems to be the last thing my parents want to talk with me .That's why I turned to the AV to learn some knowledge about sex in later puberty .Now I am an adult and I enjoy a very happy and satisfying sex life.Well,thanks to my initiative

Jason2014 Post time 2014-5-28 11:08:21

and in many Chinese eyes,westerners are enthusiastic about sex .It seems that sex  plays a very important role in people's life.Probably this can be attributable to the sex emancipation movement launched in 1960s or so.You guys are really fortunate to have an open attitude toward sex.If I were a parent,I would like to give some knowledge of sex to my son or daughter in order to avoid the awkwardness I suffered.

lychee527 Post time 2014-5-28 11:40:49

Jason2014 Post time: 2014-5-28 11:08 static/image/common/back.gif
and in many Chinese eyes,westerners are enthusiastic about sex .It seems that sex  plays a very impo ...

You'd better let your wife to do the work to your daughter..:lol There is out of question if you have a son.

ampraxu123 Post time 2014-5-28 13:30:10

Nowadays parents are more open than the past, but we don't openly talk about it. I don't think it is a taboo today, it is free. When we write, speak or converse, we don't try to avoid this topic even in public. Of course, some guys still remain reserved too.  

zh9865 Post time 2014-5-28 13:32:17

in my view, SEX is indeed a taboo for the majority of chinese families, take myself for example, actually all of sex knowledge are learnt from AV and porno books. :lol
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