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How Women Choose Mates

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Evolutionary advanced civilizations (East Asians, Jewish, Whites) base their sexual attraction on the size of the man's brain, his compassion to support his wife and children, his ambition to become financially and politically successful, and his courage to defend his wife and children violently if required.

Less evolved equatorial females value muscles, fashion, and the shape of the face over all the above mentioned points.  Different mating evolutionary strategies for different people of the world.

I live in New York city, and even though I have what people call "good looks," I would never be able to get an evolutionary advanced female to mate with me because I have a very small brain and as such make very little money.  My "good looks" mean absolutely nothing, so I don't even bother to try to find a mate to carry out coitus with.

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When I was young, I did not know this, so I would try to make myself very pretty in order to acquire sex.  But to this day, I am still a virgin; my method failed miserably.  

Later in life, I started to study evolutionary psychology and finally understood why the evolutionary advanced females avoided me.  Schools don't teach us about evolutionary psychology; I had to surf the internet to come across the research.  

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You seemed to fit the status of a born loser. Try some humor and girls like fun and witty guys. If that still doesn't help, try a bicycle pump.

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Some of those ugly men are smart. Women value brains in a man.

The ugly men are less likely to cheat on their wife. That is also valued.

Some ugly men have great personalities. Women value this too.

A good looking idiot who cheats and has a boring and horrid personality doesn't last long.
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