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A dog's "bucket list"

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A woman has written a bucket list with a difference - for her terminally ill dog.

Riina Cooke wanted to give her boxer dog Romeo the time of his life when he was diagnosed with an untreatable form of bone cancer.

She was so upset to hear the cancer diagnosis that she decided to fill Romeo's last four months with 'happy memories and adventures'.

The pair completed the 22-point wish list, which saw Romeo enjoy a 'pawicure', steak dinner, ride in a police car and doggy massage.

Just amazing. The love between them is so heartwarming.

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1. Trip to the first park where he had walkies

She said: "It was bittersweet, I had to let Romeo go. We had so many great memories together but it wasn’t fair to keep him alive when he was in so much pain."

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2. Have breakfast in bed with dad

'I decided to put together a list of fun thing for us to do together, for example, riding a police car and fire engine, having a steak dinner, professional massage, try sushi and to go on a blind date with another boxer'

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3. Have his first beer with dad at the pub

The list "gave my dog the chance to experience things most will never get a chance to. I enjoyed spending so much time with him, I loved seeing him really happy."

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4. Meet a celebrity

'I hope by sharing Romeo's bucket list on Facebook that it will bring light to other people who are going through something similair. It gave my dog the chance to experience things most will never get chance to.'

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5. Watch a sunset

'Everyone loved him, he was such a kind hearted dog.'

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7. Have a ride a fire engine

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