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Ratatouille adapted to living in China

The original French dish is mainly eggplants and tomatoes with local herbs. The yellow pepper looks pretty with the tomatoes so I added it, and I replaced the eggplant with smoked, firm tofu. My only local herb is mint, which won't work, so I made a gravy from 5 spice powder and cornstarch.


Spinach with beef in soy gravy

This starts with ginger, garlic, onion sauteed in meat fat or oil, then cook the ground meat, then add spinach in a little water and while simmering, stir a little soysauce with a heaping spoon of cornstarch until smooth, add some water, add these to the simmering food and stir until the gravy changes colour to deep brown.


Brown rice and mung beans in mushroom perfume

In a two layer rice cooker, cook rice and beans below while on top steaming thick slices of mushrooms with herbs. The mushroom fragrance goes all through the rice.

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Nice food and pictures

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Thanks for your sharing! As I know French friends usually serve food including fruits and vegetables with original taste through simple cooking process. In daily life I always like to mixture kinds of food together and cook them in a pot in which there is enough nutrition for health that is enough for kitchen job! :P
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