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Blind dates never die!

According to the Marriage Act of China, the first marriage of males aged 25 or older and females aged 23 or older are considered ‘late marriages.’ A bit of simple math indicates that more and more post-90’s (those born in 1990 or later) are now joining the army late marriage army.

"Leftover men and women” already?

Alone? Too busy? Friend range too small?

One-stop solution -- blind dates!

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Blind dates or "Xiangqin" in Chinese actually has a long history.

In ancient China most of people got married with the help of a matchmaker and the arrangements of their parents.

Nowadays, there are millions of single people in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, so the traditional practice has made a comeback in modern Chinese life.

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Parents in China are so worried about their children finding a spouse that they often arrange blind dates or pressure their children to attend matchmaking events.

Romance in China is often sacrificed to practicality; dating has often become a commercial transaction.

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Some post-80s and 90s just hate to be forced to these blind dates. I would like to share some of thier thoughts with you. Just have a glimpse of thses young people's stories.

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Ms. Ye just received a photo call from her parents, forcing her to a attend a blind date. She is quite upset for she wants to live independently, not liking being forced into anything.

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Ms. Du stood quietly on the road, embarrassed by the look from the crowds. Every weekend, she has to attend a blind date like an interview, repeating the same thing. "It's just a waste of time. I feel bored."

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A graduate student Tingting wears masks to depict her conditions in life. She does not like the idea of two total strangers sitting togerther and deciding whether they are suitable for each other as husband or wife or not.
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