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Chinese movies, useful for learning

Hi Everyone.

So I have been learning Chinese now for a year and a half and I am looking for some advice. I love learning languages through movies to improve my listening but I find the Chinese movies difficult to watch. Mostly I use 风行and many of the advertised movies are either love stories, which I don't like, or over the top dramas where one man with a sword runs at 500 men and slaughters them all...

I am looking for advice on some movies I can watch. I loved 钢的琴 so much and this style really appeals to me, do you have any advice on what I can watch. tv shows are also ok. I understand when they speak so don't worry as to whether it has subtitles or not.

Your help will be gretaly appreciated

KimFreya Post time 2014-4-5 17:56:45

Have you ever seen 幸福像花儿一样?

LoneAcorn Post time 2014-4-5 18:19:57

How about comedy?
人在囧途 (Lost on Journey)
Comedy, 2010
Directed by: 叶伟民 Wai Man Yip
Starring: 徐峥 Zheng Xu/王宝强 Baoqiang Wang


中国合伙人 (American Dreams in China)
Drama, 2013
导演: 陈可辛
主演: 黄晓明 / 邓超 / 佟大为 / 杜鹃

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You mean one man with a sword cannot kill 500 people? Next, someone will say Santa Claus does not exist! :D

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You mean one man with a sword cannot kill 500 people? Next, someone will say Santa Clause does not e ...

Santa is alive and well and is shacked up with the Tooth Fairy, do not worry

youknowhat Post time 2014-4-6 06:47:29

try these sites if you like hollywood & HK action or  :o:victory:

seanboyce88 Post time 2014-4-6 11:03:40

Thank you so much for the suggestions so far
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