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Single netizens buy out movie tickets to ruin Valentine dates

http://i0.wp.com/img.chinasmack.com/www/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/lonely-chinese-man-buys-movie-tickets-for-valentines-day-3.jpg?resize=440%2C291Valentines Day on February 14th is almost here, a sweet day for couples, but also for singles to come and ruin it. A few days ago, a netizen who is also single launched a campaign to “buy out all odd number movie seats” , which was met with wide support. Yesterday, the Shanghai Xintiandi theater’s prime time Valentines Day movie showing times were “attacked and occupied”.

Not wanting to reveal his real name, the organizer accepted an interview with this Shanghai Morning Post reporter, saying he had just broken up with his girlfriend last year, and that this was just a joke, and he “hopes couples will understand”. Many netizens who participated however did so with the goal of “meeting new friends”, hoping to turn a “prank” into a “blind date”.

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Top: “Sorry, miss, but we want to buy seat numbers 2, 4, and 6.” “No Problem Sir” Bottom: “FUCK!”

jay_dee Post time 2014-2-14 16:20:40

Now that's funny

roninxian Post time 2014-2-17 09:41:27

So the guy broke up with his girlfriend (I think she probably broke up with him) a year ago and he still hates the world?  Ha Ha.  What better way to prove he's a loser than a stunt like that.  If he throws money away so easily, that might be a reason his ex dumped him.  Money and revenge are terrible things to carry into a relationship, or out of one.

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cimy Post time 2014-11-6 10:31:07

I keep in scilence. ;P
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