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Seek advicesfor words....(1)

I have one piece of Chinese poet, four sentences in total.

Here is the first sentence, the next three setences I have written but they were not very ideal by my understanding.

Now, I put the first one sentence here, it is my hope that  all the good friendly people  can give a helping hand. Thanks.
                                         1. 三思三国喜三合

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Anyone who had read and is reading  above is my dear friend or friend(s)-would-be, even you do(did)n't give (gave) me suggestion.

Thank you again!{:soso_e100:}{:soso_e183:}{:soso_e163:}

snowipine Post time 2014-2-3 23:03:48

Maybe "三思三国喜山河”or "三思三国喜三和”better as the first sentence of the so-called above mentioned poem.

So to speaking, you can use any one of the three sentences I mentioned as first sentence for the poem.

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