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i d like to try it,煮豆燃豆萁,豆在釜中泣,本是同根生,相煎何太急

it means the beans is cooked by beanstalk,and bean cryingin the pot,they are family,have same father and mother,but why beanstalk want to cooking bean.

this poet made by CAO ZHI lived in three country period of china,ZHI's brother was the king,and be afraid his brother want to instead of his position,so intend to kill his brother,and told him,if you made a poet in 7 step,i will let you go,then ZHI made this poet,but ,unfortunately,finally,he was killed by his brother even though he made the port in 7 step,because his brother afraid of his ability too.

in2kitty Post time 2014-3-13 17:18:29

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Here is another sentence in Chinese,I want get a explanation, if you know and can help me, that wi ...

spring festival we can paste spring couplets,burn firecracker,drive out the devil.repel black magic

in chinese traditional cultrul,we don't believe use the nife in the first day of new year is a good thing.

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How to translate :

every one knows the goals of SIMA ZHAO,but they refrain from expressing their opinion

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how to translate this:


this is so difficult,i don't think you know it is uselful for yourself

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in2kitty Post time: 2014-3-13 17:09 static/image/common/back.gif
i d like to try it,煮豆燃豆萁,豆在釜中泣,本是同根生,相煎何太急

it means the beans is cooked by b ...


杨天宇 Post time 2014-4-20 13:01:57

cooking beans ,make fire with the branches and leafs of leguminous plant. Born in the Same Root ,so why branches and leafs make fire to cook beans...

futsanglung Post time 2014-4-20 13:15:52


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