foreignchinese Post time 2014-1-21 20:39:46

He brings the girl home and the parents shall do stringent test on her virginity. This dude just watch.

tonysong2000 Post time 2014-1-22 09:36:42

We should dig the behind of the story.  Do you believe that he is so young to possess enormous capitals to offer the compensation of the renting girlfriend? there are two possibilities, one possibility is not authenticity news, another possibility is that he want to win huge reputation through this blast news online..

tonysong2000 Post time 2014-1-22 09:47:18

actually I  more want to know his background.;P;P;P  the second generations of the officials, the second generations of the wealthy, the second generations of the relocation housing....... Maybe he is a " tuhao" ;P;P;P. I never believe he can accumulate so enormous fortune to offer this payment of the advertisement, for he is too young to become mature.;P;P;P

Smaug Post time 2014-1-22 11:02:12

tonysong2000 Post time: 2014-1-22 09:47 static/image/common/back.gif
actually I  more want to know his background.  the second generations of the officials, the se ...

He is pathetic and shallow, and so are those 5k women who replied to him.

tonysong2000 Post time 2014-1-22 11:22:57

he is really shallow and pathetic guy who can not seek the truth love and utilize renting girlfriend to satisfy with his vanity.;P;P;P seriously disdain.;P;P;P

F111 Post time 2014-1-24 08:16:32

This is a thread about nothing

F111 Post time 2014-1-24 08:17:22

forget-me-not Post time: 2014-1-21 12:47 static/image/common/back.gif
Advertising himself

I don't think the story is real
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