CMC Post time 2014-1-21 09:08:45

I agree, probably some PR stunt or else he's looking for a 1mil hooker for the holidays. He could offer 10% of this (100,000) and he would still get the same girls replying to the ad. And what difference would being a virgin make if she just has to impress the parents?

YEcho Post time 2014-1-21 11:35:13

How to check whether the girl is a virgin or not? Maybe it's not only about pleasing the parents but also the stunt's lust!

forget-me-not Post time 2014-1-21 12:47:37

Advertising himself

Jaminyixue Post time 2014-1-21 14:32:15

rich man! should go to attend the TV SHOW 'YOU ARE THE ONE ' ON JIANGSHU TV BROARDCAST

berrylew Post time 2014-1-21 15:02:12

Creepy ...The money is not his.I can even tell from his eyes and his sitting posture.Want a virgin?Will he bring the girl to hospital to have a check.I really can't stand those stupid guys and such kind stupid PR stunt .

Cdogg Post time 2014-1-21 15:33:04

If I'm paying a girl 1million yuan to be my girlfriend for a period of time. She better NOT be a virgin or be willing to lose here virginity atleast. l

超难度动作 Post time 2014-1-21 16:42:05

Nuts .
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