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The Coldest Place In the World

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Are you complaining of cold? Try to visit Oimyakon settlement where January temperature may remain below -50ºС for weeks. The lowest temperature in the history of this place was equal to -71,2ºС!!!

Oimyakon is inhabited by 500 people. In the 20th and 30th years of the last century it was a stop for deer herders.In the Soviet years there was made an attempt to take control over the nomads, who were considered wild, the settlement appeared as a result of that attempt.

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Jameshollan Post time 2014-1-15 19:14:01

How brave those people who survive in that lowest temperature. We have on -10 in winter but they have 5 to 7 times more lower temperature. Thanks for sharing that amazing place. Please share more photos of that place.

F111 Post time 2014-1-15 19:40:57

That looks cold, very cold

1584austin Post time 2014-1-15 23:11:34

F111 Post time: 2014-1-15 19:40 static/image/common/back.gif
That looks cold, very cold

my nipples freeze just sitting in my office looking at those pic's

youknowhat Post time 2014-1-15 23:52:35

is that the right temp to make vodka  {:soso_e113:}{:soso_e128:}

longzhou Post time 2014-1-16 02:20:22

You want cold? Just stayed for a few days in Qitai (Xinjiang). Temperatures reached -30 degrees yesterday here. Anyhow, it's nice and sunny during the day!

raynedon Post time 2014-1-16 04:01:07

Jesus! Why do people have to live in such places. I am sure they can find a means of living elsewhere.
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