PPsally Post time 2014-1-2 15:48:30

Would you bother keeping a friendship alive?

Not sure how much advice can be given but I thought at least some opinions on the matter could help.

Right now I'm conflicted about reaching out to a friend who moved out of the city about a month ago. I known her for about a year, and in that time we went from being rather good friends (would talk and hang out a lot) to slowly losing contact as she got into a relationship and naturally devoted a lot of her time to that. .None the less we still talked often enough, all the way leading up to her announcing she was moving out of town. I was happy for her, but we started talking even less at this point.

I'll naturally admit that I have a bad habit of feeling like if I'm putting more effort into a friendship of drawing back and this ended up happening. She moved without us even hanging out one last time (not sure who's fault that would be) and now it's been a month since last contact. Part of me wants to send her a text/message/fb thing just asking how her new city is treating her and opening the lines of communication..another part of me feels like she should do that.

So opinions? I really do have tons of awesome friends in the city already, but I always hate the idea of losing a friendship, but at the same time I wonder if it's even worth pursuing.

snowipine Post time 2014-1-14 10:50:58

Send message to her, look reaction.

MisterPanda Post time 2014-1-14 11:07:13

She's obviously not your friend, why do you bother ?

Smaug Post time 2014-1-14 12:25:01

You were the one who made contact most often. Let her do it this time. "The phone works both ways" is what we say in my family.

Do you know though, some people just never take the initiative. They like for others to do that. They will just sit there and let life pass them by if no one does it. They took enough initiative to get a job, maybe find a mate, then continue through life on cruise control.

These people are so sad to me.

Other people are happy to be invited over, I entertain and cook for them. But they never reciprocate. After a few times, I stop, as if to say: "OK, your turn." But they don't get the clue. They wait a couple months and then it occurs to them: "We haven't done anything in a while. I wonder why not?"

It's just one area where there are more and more people who are socially retarded. Too much time with their noses in their phones, and not enough time with face-to-face interactions. Well, that's my theory, at least.

Dr.Bill.Shen Post time 2014-1-14 12:28:30

If she was loved, she would contacted you already. seems she has been fighting an uphill battle to secure a relationship. A text message does not hurt.

snowipine Post time 2014-1-14 20:14:37

Smaug Post time: 2014-1-14 12:25 static/image/common/back.gif
You were the one who made contact most often. Let her do it this time. "The phone works both ways" i ...

Well said.
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