gattosonia Post time 2013-12-31 00:26:16

For single guys, how to love a girlfriend

Men and women are very different creatures having different priorities,emotions,  and mindsests. Here are a few tips to help guys find a girlfriend. First, groom yourself. Remember that women do not always look for the most handsome guy around, but they want a clean-confidence. Be careful because women also from at guys obsessed with their ego. Third ,women want a man to make good eye contact. If you avoid looking straight into her eyes, the woman seated beside you will think you are either shy or ignoring her. Even small remarks like compliments about her hair style go far to impress a girl. Finaly, girls adore guys breaking the ice by making them laugh. But some jokes concerning body parts are totally off-limits. Women can be very touchy about those things.

其實我喜歡瑪莎 Post time 2013-12-31 09:26:42

Once U got r girlfriend, U r not single anymore.

jimbolee Post time 2014-1-4 17:10:57

not for sure, in China you have lower income, your GF leaves you, me either

shane_std Post time 2014-1-9 15:14:45

in my opinion, the situation in China may be different. No money, no girlfrends!

Smaug Post time 2014-1-10 13:28:33

I don't think that is true. (no money, no girlfriend)

You just have to be realistic.

It seems that in China, the younger, prettier girls want money. When they get older, less pretty, and "left-over" they seem to realize they cannot demand it any more, and adjust their priorities. Am I wrong?

...and how about the men? When they are younger and without as much money, what do they do? Just forget about women, try to make their fortune until they're older, THEN look for the pretty young woman? Also silly.

Find a nice older woman. Maybe 30 instead of 20. Someone who is lonely and looking for love. Someone who has realized money is not that important, as long as there is enough to live on.
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