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friend. competitor

One day, when you found the fact that the one you treat him as one of your close friend all the time has turn out which he just regard you as his adversary. At that time, what should you do? Yeah, he is one of my opposite sex friend and his roller skating is outsdanding in our school. I have to admitted that he has given me a great deal of help during the period of practicing roller skating. Now, we are facing the problem of selecting tutor. I have never perceived that the tutor we are eager to opt is the same one. the result of our selection has been announced that the tutor has turn down his application but has accepted my this. Therefore, he questioned me in a furious why the tutor refused him. To tell the truth, I have no idea toward his inquiry. It seemed that his fail in this matter concerns me much. in fact, I also can not comprehend what happened between my tutor and him. I also do not know the reason my tutor declined his application. today, he directly pointed out that he would take me as his competitor from then on. I am at a friend, if you were me, what would you do?

vk3ukf Post time 2014-1-3 07:09:00

I would be like you Mugy, in shock and wondering what had just happened.

I think the only relief, is to ask the tutor, why he made the decision that has caused all this turmoil.
Perhaps explain to the tutor, about the strife that has transpired.

RealMadrid1 Post time 2014-1-4 01:52:45

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Perhaps the "western" concept of friendship is grossly different, but if I were in your position, I would consider that he would be a person not worthy of my friendship.

My interpretation is that he blames you for the tutor's refusal of his application. A person with that attitude is not worth the effort, time to move on and find someone who will value your friendship through "thick and thin".

KIyer Post time 2014-1-5 11:54:21

Send him a copy of your post. It is well written with all the details of the issue. If he is smart, he will figure it out and might be good friend again.

F111 Post time 2014-1-5 16:59:09

Do your best,math at is what your friend would want

roninxian Post time 2014-1-6 06:43:25

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Perhaps the "western" concept of friendship is grossly different, but if I were in your position, I  ...


roninxian Post time 2014-1-6 06:45:51

It doesn't sound to me like this person was a 'real' friend in the first place.  As long as he was in the "lead" things were fine.  But when the situation is reversed, it appears ego has become involved.
How can he possibly blame you?  You did not have the power of the choice.  That was the tutor's prerogative, so the problem your 'friend' has with you should be focused on the tutor.  But it seems he is not strong enough to face the tutor or the problem head on.
You concentrate on what you are doing and let him go his way.
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