1584austin Post time 2013-9-11 05:07:00

Today I have been married 42 years

OMG, I was 19 she was 18

Seems like a life sentance

I bought my Wife a ring

Dinner out at night

Wonder if I'll make another 42 years

Possible I suppose. If it is, I aint buying  another ring{:soso_e100:}

manoj10 Post time 2013-9-11 05:08:33

Congratulations on this great achievement 1584Austin. Not often we can come across such true love between couples. I wish you happy anniversary  :P

Truth_update Post time 2013-9-11 05:10:51

Congratulations Austin.

Did you take away her virginity, or someone else did it for you?

DSseeing Post time 2013-9-11 09:59:46

{:soso_e181:} OMG, 42 years!
It doesn't come easily. In China, 50-year anniversary in marriage is a big one which is called "Golden marriage", you're heading there. It's scarce/
Good for you

voice_cd Post time 2013-9-11 10:31:59

Congratulations, Austin.
Hope you two will make another 42 anniversary.  

1of4x2 Post time 2013-9-11 11:13:46

Congratulations piggy

lionstar Post time 2013-9-11 12:03:29

now i go to buy fireworks... {:soso_e113:}
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