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How much do you agree?

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The following, according to an American blogger, are six consequences a foreigner will have if he marries a Chinese woman because of big culture difference. How much do you agree or disagree? How do cultural differences affect your relationship? Have you found some efficient ways to deal with them?

No.1. Once you married to a Chinese, it is tantamount to marrying her entire family. In less than half a year, his wife’s parents, sisters with kids came to his home. In his words, his home was occupied by Chinese.

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No.2. Once you live with Chinese, you do not have privacy any more. Chinese are hospitable; there should be no distance between one another if being together. He said that once his father-in-law pushed the door and walked in to the toilet when he was sitting on the toilet seat.

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No.3. He is not allowed to tough anywhere at home. His wife wraps the furniture and rug with plastic in order to keep them clean without dust. The perfectly layout of all furniture is all for look only.

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No.4. Chinese love meat, he likes to eat whatever dishes his wife made, but better without knowing what they are.

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No.5. Never quarrel with your Chinese wife. If you do, it is not a small deal. Your lady will bring up things back to long time ago. The word “sorry” will not work on this. You have to give her a reason which is acceptable. In his opinion, Chinese wives were born with a mission to transform men and control them in everything. He declared that the reason why China can not produce a explorer like Columbus is Chinese wife will start inquiring before he sail, such as “where? with whom? Is there any woman on the ship? How old is she? Is she married? And how is she look?” Then, the man will give it up.

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No.6. They will drive your kids to death. Chinese family gives too much pressure to their child. To force them to learn piano, ballet, English, drawing at a very young age. Chinese will always have a goal in their life. To buy a house, change it to a bigger one, send kids to school, then to a doctoral degree, at last to a big company. They make life so hard for themselves.

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yes agree... and i add one more...

7. they can make fun of you in front of any one at any time in Chinese or in their local dialect,, but if you try to do same, makes them angry .........
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