mercedesbenzvn Post time 2013-8-15 15:47:06

I Love...

wrote this poem for my boyfriend. I really miss him. he left to the army reserves back in July its now September and he doesn't come back until the ending of November. I'm going insane with out him but I'm here supporting him and waiting for his arrival. I LOVE YOU JOEY...I Love...
I love how we got that open relationship.
Telling each other exactly how we feel,
Telling me to always be real.
I love how you can make me smile from so many miles away,
Holding on to every word you say.       
I love how I can act like the total geek that I am,
You too, reading that book “Sam I am.”
You bring so much joy in my heart,
And you did right from the start.
Sometimes I wonder is this a dream, is this true?
You came to me at a time I was blue.
Damn babe can you be any more perfect?
Ever since that night, you changed my life,
I’m dying to be your wife.
I love how we are not afraid to try new things,
Accepting whatever life brings.
I love how we have so much in common.
I love how you see beyond what other guys see,
The real me.
You notice the little things,
Like those two moles on my face =),
From the stare I give whenever you make a fool out of yourself…
We understand each other on a different level.
Babe you and I are so random.
But besides the point,
I’m so great full to be a part of your life.
Loving me like no other has before,
And I could never ask for anything more.
To make a long story short,
I love everything about you and our relationship…
I love you with all my heart…

nealrussel Post time 2013-8-15 16:46:05

Maybe you should read this poem to you husband to his face.

DSseeing Post time 2013-8-15 23:38:19

I enjoyed reading your poem@

DSseeing Post time 2013-8-15 23:39:29

I wonder how long youve been togethe
youre so passionately in love

KIyer Post time 2013-8-16 11:42:47

the object of your affection should get it!

Rearwindow Post time 2013-8-16 15:50:39

Tell me something about your boyfriend,
Why are you so deeply in love with him?
I'm curious how he manged to make you crazy about him :lol

john-shi Post time 2014-1-21 12:39:51

enjoyable to read ur poem
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