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Products that are fake or basically worthless. Think of all the US debt that China owns.

Still did not answer my question.  But that is typical of the forum idiot.

raton Post time 2013-8-6 11:47:15

audiomonster Post time 2013-8-6 11:56:27

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Well I'm not going to worry about shampoo but cigarettes and booze are dangerous
... wait that you lose all your hair :lol

grb Post time 2013-8-6 11:58:42

raton Post time: 2013-8-6 11:47 static/image/common/back.gif
fake is ¼ the price of the genuine and works just the same. I have 2 grandchildren in the west, s ...

For some things I agree.  But not all things.

raton Post time 2013-8-6 12:08:15

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Well, of course, not going to buy fake tooling’s, but by enlarge it helps the Chinese street vend ...

Anybody that pays 400 RMB for s designer shirt is foolish.

raton Post time 2013-8-6 13:45:01

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