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Nearly 1 billion euros in fake goods seized by EU - most from China

Brussels (dpa) - Customs agents confiscated almost 1 billion euros(1.3 billion dollars) worth of counterfeit products in 2012, withChina the top supplier, the European Union said Monday.

Customs Commissioner Algirdas Semeta said fake products underminelegal businesses, and that customer safety was also a concern.

The approximately 40 million products seized last year were farless than the 115 million confiscated in 2011, but the EuropeanCommission attributed the decrease mainly to the use of smallershipments for counterfeit goods.

Cigarettes topped the list, followed by miscellaneous goods suchas bottles, lamps, glue, batteries and washing powder, according tothe EU‘s executive.

Almost 65 per cent of the fake products seized at the EU‘sexternal borders were from China. The United Arab Emirates was insecond place as the origin country for 8.37 per cent of confiscatedgoods, followed by Hong Kong with 7.79 per cent.

Hong Kong was the main source for alternative tobacco productssuch as electronic cigarettes and liquid fillings, while most fakefoodstuff came from Morocco, the commission said.

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Interpol's Anti-Counterfeit Operation Seizes $133 Million In Goods

PARIS — More than 6,000 people around the world were arrested in a two-month anti-counterfeiting sweep that netted tens of millions of dollars worth of fake shampoo in China, phony cigarettes in Turkey and bogus booze in Chile, Interpol said Thursday.

In all, the operations coordinated by the Lyon, France-based international police agency in May and June seized some 24 million fake goods worth nearly $133 million, Interpol said in a statement. The combined haul ranks among the largest operations ever conducted by the agency's special anti-counterfeiting unit, according to its director, Michael Ellis.

As part of the worldwide push against counterfeiting, the agency helped lead operations by local authorities in the Americas, Africa, Europe and, for the first time, in Asia. The Asian operation shut down 21 production sites operated by eight criminal syndicates making fake shampoo and toothpaste in southern China. More than 400 people were arrested in Thailand for hawking counterfeit clothing and DVDs, while in Vietnam police arrested an individual linked to $6 million worth of illicit electronic appliances.

Ellis highlighted the significance of the Chinese police cooperation for the first time. "We reach out to various national police forces on a regional basis. This time the police in China joined the operation, with great effect," he said.

Interpol will use intelligence gathered during the raids to look for links between criminal organizations, Ellis said. "The way the criminal networks work, there will be links. There's a factory in one country, distribution supply chain in one country, money paid in a third country," Ellis said.

Among other findings were:

_ A subterranean tobacco factory in Ukraine used for making fake cigarettes

_ A workshop in Lima, Peru, used to put fake brands on illicit motors from China

_ 94,000 bottles of counterfeit beer in Chile

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Beyond the record number of arrests for an Interpol operation, the most important achievement was the shuttering of numerous factories where fake goods are made, Ellis said. "It's like turning off the tap of the water."

Interpol said the operation highlights the potential danger that fake goods represent to consumers.

"It's about quality and expectations. You're buying a particular electrical component part, you have trust, because it's a brand you know and respect," Ellis said. "But that product could in fact be dangerous or defective. It's misusing trust of the brands."

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the chinese are not exactly the big brother of all these notorious products but for sure they're the most widely known sub-contractor in the world & that hurts the china's image in the long run  {:soso_e114:}{:soso_e113:}

jay_dee Post time 2013-8-6 11:01:58

Typical, anything to make a fast yuan. They are all scumbags.

robert237 Post time 2013-8-6 11:06:11

""fake shampoo in China, phony cigarettes in Turkey and bogus booze in Chile""

Are you saying the shampoo didn't clean, the cigarettes didn't smoke, and the booze didn't get you drunk?

grb Post time 2013-8-6 11:10:05

robert237 Post time: 2013-8-6 11:06 static/image/common/back.gif
""fake shampoo in China, phony cigarettes in Turkey and bogus booze in Chile""

Are you saying the s ...

And I guess you support fake and potentially dangerous products?
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